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    Nalak loot rumours

    So people in my guild are trying to tell me that the game checks your armoury page to see what type of gear you're wearing and will assign PVE/PVP gear depending on what type you have equipped on the armoury (game detects you're in PVP gear so will only give you PVP loot).

    I know for sure this is not the case with Sha of Anger, but Nalak hasn't been around long enough to find out for myself.

    I can't find anything that suggests this is true. Have I missed something or are they misguided?

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    Well, I have full 476 +493 pvp gear, and it dropped 522 pve set hands for me.

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    Yeah they are talking rubbish. I got holy pvp gloves off nalak and I dont have any holy pvp gear on or even in my bags.

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    Not true..
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    I got the pvp boots on my lock. Every single piece of my gear was PVE. All my pvp gear was on the bank.
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    If the game was going to check what you have to decide what loot to give you, it would definitely not use the last gear/spec you logged out in.
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    I don't think this is a thing.
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    My mage is in pve gear, and I got pvp shoes.

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    Not true, got pvp boots on my shaman.
    My shaman has never bought or equipped pvpgear apart from some level 70 pvp stuff. Armory is always ele or resto, full PVE gear.

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    Not true. I don't have any pvp gear and it gave me the pvp legs this week. <=== Check out my Youtube Channel !!

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    I've gotten 3 PvE gloves from Sha and 2 PvP items and I don't even have an arena team.

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    I got a pvp necklace on my full PVE geared - never touched arena or rbg - druid.

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    "A friend of a friend told me something that's only vaguely disprovable, therefore it must be plausible even if it sounds outrageous and no sources anywhere can confirm it."

    sounds legit
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLakeAtrocity View Post
    "A friend of a friend told me something that's only vaguely disprovable, therefore it must be plausible even if it sounds outrageous and no sources anywhere can confirm it."

    sounds legit
    He doesn't even imply it "must be plausible". He doesn't know if it's true or not, that's why he's asking. Don't play the smartass, nobody likes those.

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    i like these things - its like "urban legends" that at some point convinces alot of ppl, that its true, because it had happend to someones friends and to his friends friend ..
    something just happens to be random, and just because it happens to someone , it dosnt mean that there is a link - just randomness :P

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    You are being bull-shitted. It checks your current spec and then assigns loots from the pool (holy PvE or PvP for holy, Retribution PvE or PvP for retribution, Protection PvE or retribution PvP for protection).
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    I have 3million gold earned in statistics and all I recieved was gold. Don't think the game checks armory

    edit: nvm, can't see gold part of statistics in armory

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    Everytime someone starts with "So people in my guild are trying to tell me that ..",
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    What happens when you wear 1/2 your pve gear and 1/2 your pvp gear??

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    it will drop pvpgear without res. OH WAIT!

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