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    The first WoW Trailer/movie you saw

    Ok so I am bored and decided to make a topic about the first wow movie/clip you ever saw

    Here is mine:

    (not sure if this is in the right forum btw)

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    Make Love Not Warcraft - South Park
    One of the few episodes from that show I actually enjoy.
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    sorry OP but that's just a horrible choice of song ;p my favorite old-school one (though maybe not the first) is gotta be the one narrated by peter cullen aka optimus prime:


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    Didn't start til TBC, so a lot of it was lost on me, but still...

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    This was the first trailer I saw:

    I remember after that there was a giant break in more stuff, and ended seeing this as second thing:

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    Mine was the BC cinematic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post

    Didn't start til TBC, so a lot of it was lost on me, but still...
    Lol, I saw this as one of my first, too. Loved the warlock part. My first was the WoW trailer when I used to play WC3. My computer couldn't run it.


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    Let's say this was first clip that was on TV when i heard about WoW.

    I do miss when there was at every commercial break 1 WoW commercial.

    I miss those days when WoW was like everywhere. Now it's like hidden.. :3
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    The first trailer for WoW I ever saw was the intro cinematic. Pretty much made me forget about having to pay the subscription fees. That was the only thing holding me back at the time.

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