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    <Social Deviants> [H] Zul'jin. Recruiting Raiders & Casual Players

    Do you feel like you can't be yourself around your guildies? Is your sense of humor a bit on the sarcastic side?

    If so, we may be just the guild for you!

    We just returned to the game not long ago and transferred from a slow server to Zul'jin (H), so we are a bit late to the game to say the least. Raid times are set currently for Wed/Thurs 10:30p to 12:30a server (EST) time.

    We would like to continue to recruit raiders to start a second 10-man team. Schedule will be decided once spots start filling.

    Our current plan is to start with T14 to get our fresh 90s geared, then skipping ahead to T15 as soon as everyone is appropriately geared. This shouldn't take long as most of our new 90s are actively pushing to get every piece of gear they can and are progressing quite well. We will then backtrack to finish off T14.

    We are also looking for more casual/social players of all levels, classes, and specs.

    Our goal is to form a guild of both raiders and players who just enjoy the game overall. We would like the guild to be populated, but not to the point that anyone feels lost in the crowd.

    We like to raid, run dungeons, lfr, level alts, run achievement/mount runs, and generally anything that just sounds fun.

    We ask that all applicants be 18 years of age or older. We are all mid-twenties and up in age with jobs, families, classes, and other real life responsibilities. We understand and support the fact that real life comes first. Couples are definitely encouraged to apply.

    Our guild members do not possess a "politically correct" sense of humor and we find humor in everything. Most of our humor is quite sarcastic in nature, but never malicious. If you are easily offended, this guild is not for you.

    We are currently accepting applications from active characters of all classes/specs. If you are interested in joining the guild, please contact Foibles, Kittanni, or Blitzedkegg in game or submit an application at socialdeviants.enjin.com. My battletag is JJames#1289.
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    Still looking for members.

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    Moving on up to the sky!!!

    We're growing, but we're still looking for more players to enjoy the game with.

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    Hi! Still looking for more to join our small, but growing group. Contact me for more info if interested.

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    Still looking for active players. Our most active times are in the evening with a few players online during the day.

    Our aim is to recruit players that enjoy the game and participate in chat (whether it be gchat or vent).

    If you would like to start a new character on our server to give the guild a test run, message me on the website or in-game.


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    We're still looking for casual/social members for our growing group, especially those with a good sense of humor and an open mind.

    Happy Tuesday!

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    Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying your Wednesday.

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