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    HP/JP delimna

    Hey everyone

    I was wondering, what do you do with your HP/JP when you don't need them any more? Right now I don't need them for:

    - PVP (have all the honor gear)
    - PVE (already doing ToT LFR)
    - crafting mats (you can click on my link, but I'm ench/alch (transmute master))

    So I need new "ways" to waste these currencies.... open to suggestions.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Just stacking mine waiting for the item upgrade vendors to comeback. Also, I might trade up my BoAs with the JP for the 1-85 version... (just because who knows if they will give us a better class to work with next expac or give all classes all races and then HELLO GNOMES!)
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    sure you can have Dreanei warlocks

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    Use the JP on heirlooms I guess. And as Superman said, wait for item upgrader to make his return.

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