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    Best & worst mogu voices.

    Best: Xin the Weaponmaster. I usually find myself quoting his lines whenever I get palace.

    Worst: Lei Shen. For being the big boss he's so over the top with the accent. Horrible

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    Whenever I think of mogu, I'll always think of the first 'boss' mogu'shan palace saying "They have suwwied the gweat Wegacy of our people my king!"

    (I swear, I remember blizzard saying they wanted to get pandaria right so as to appeal to china, yet we get 'harrow, I'm stereotype of china man, ting tong'???)
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    Yh Xin the weaponmaster or Iron Qon have the best voices. The bosses in the trial of the king have the worst voices.

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    Everytime he says Clan of Hartak, I understand it as Clan of Hotdog.

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    Lei Shen had 2 voices, I think his newest one is amazing! Its kind of Lich King-esc. "I am Lei Shen, slayer of kings and gods. You have made a grave....mistake!"


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    Best: Xin

    Worst: Lei Shen

    Trough I'm not really a fan of any of their voices. Can they be any more chinese?

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    I'm not sure whether I hate or love it.
    WoD was destroyed thanks to MoP feedback where everything outside of raids should be optional.
    So keep that in mind as you once again complain about things being "mandatory for raiding".
    Whenever I see people complaining there's too much to do in Legion I know that Blizzard is on the right path again.

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    You have come to claim my CRAAAAOOOWWWN?
    Testing: Will probably be toooooo big.

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    I like Lei Shen's voice but I think my favorite is Shan Bu he pronounces everything correctly.

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    Noticed that Lei Shen's voice was different in the kill videos... However I liked his old voice more even if it was a bit silly. Actually, seeing the other mogu haven't impressed me enough to recall them I suppose Lei Shen's old voice is my favorite, guess the mogu voices aren't my thing.

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