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  • No, I don't like the idea of requiring 100%stable Internet

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    I'll buy the next Gen XBox without a second (personal) consideration to the always on feature, if it is in fact included. For me I don't see it ever becoming a problem. And honestly, if it became a problem where it'd hamper my use of the Xbox, chances are it'd be hampering my use of my other devices/services and I'd need to figure out a solution to that problem. That's personally how I feel about it.

    HOWEVER, If this rumor were to be true, I think it'd be a terrible idea and a very, very large step in the wrong direction and should be changed, absolutely.
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    It would certainly affect my decision, if I was deciding what console to buy, having an always on requirement would definitely be a negative factor for me. I see nothing in it for the customer for this requirement; only negatives.

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    Not sure if I'd buy it. I want a console, but I'm rather attached to my six-figure gamerscore (sad, I know), So a PS4 is out of the question. Always on DRM is a terrible idea, but I'm not sure if it's enough to put me off. I have a decent internet connection, but I understand the plight of everyone that doesn't. I really hope Microsoft do not go through with this idea.

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    Would have preferred a simple yes or no poll, since the reason I wouldn't get an xbox requiring internet is that I like to be able to buy used games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luubox View Post
    You're saying you don't have a constant internet connection already ?
    There are still times when Internet goes down, sometimes for a whole day. It's not often, but it happens. During these times I'm really glad I have consoles that I can play on. Which I wouldn't be able to do if they also required 100 % connection. Giving you the option to be connected all the time and play games online is one thing, requiring you to be connected 100 % of the time even to play single player games is just stupid.

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    No, I won't. Then again, I wouldn't buy it if it didn't require always-online either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    Would have preferred a simple yes or no poll, since the reason I wouldn't get an xbox requiring internet is that I like to be able to buy used games.
    So take other? Simple yes and no polls often gives very unclear results and completely nullifies the poll if you are seeking the reason for why, and not just if.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeropeorth View Post
    What is worse, the intentions are nefarious. It is purely about profit, not furthering the technology.
    Might want to go do some research into Microsofts Kinnect technology, and how insane the possible applications being developed are. For that thing, games are just the front!

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    I really don't care if it's always online. For me, it's all about the games. If it has good exclusives that I want and good third party support, I'll buy it.
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    not going to get it unless its dirt cheap and all my friends get one.
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    Right now the only thing that would make me dust off my xbox is if my internet connection was down. So unless the new xbox has something completely amazing that is unavailable on any other platform, I doubt Ill end up buying one.

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    Despite me having my 360 hooked always to net my answer is NO.
    If they go for it, Ill just get PS4.

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    hard to say really, my internet connection is reliable, but i dont support this always on thing so i probably wont be buying it. ive bought both the other xboxs at release and prefer them over playstation, but if this goes ahead and PS4 does not require a connection i would likely buy that over it. i should be able to play a single player game without a connection.
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    Leaning towards not buying atm. Connections can go down, or break down for no reason and then you can't use the console. So if they do that they better lower the price by quite a bit.
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    As an avid xbox fan the past years im ready to move on to PlayStation, unless XboxLive becomes as good or better than PlayStationNetwork, aka free games every month etc, not like xboxLive, pay every month to USE their network and not get shit
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    Being on xbox live for the last 7+ years I honestly don't see the difference between always on and the current rumour of always on... When ever I turn my xbox on I AM ONLINE... so can someone please tell me what all the bitching is about.. because honestly I just don't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caylis View Post
    Being on xbox live for the last 7+ years I honestly don't see the difference between always on and the current rumour of always on... When ever I turn my xbox on I AM ONLINE... so can someone please tell me what all the bitching is about.. because honestly I just don't get it.
    If your internet goes down now, you can still play games. If it goes down after you get the new xbox, you wont be able to play any games whatsoever.. See the difference?
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    i havnt owned any xbox, but i have played it and like any other consoles the whole point of it for me is no internet need... otherwise id just play in a pc.

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    People on this forum have trouble making polls it seems
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    Quote Originally Posted by WskyDK View Post
    Always on means it will always be connected. You can use the contextual clues to see that's what he meant.
    And you could try reading and see what i said, Nowhere in my post did i say it wouldn't be connected, i said not required

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