View Poll Results: Which race model are you looking forward to?

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  • Human

    271 39.33%
  • Dwarf

    168 24.38%
  • Gnome

    102 14.80%
  • Night Elf

    208 30.19%
  • Draenei

    113 16.40%
  • Orc

    229 33.24%
  • Undead

    208 30.19%
  • Blood Elf

    137 19.88%
  • Troll

    181 26.27%
  • Tauren

    172 24.96%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. #181
    I'm most looking forward to see my main updated, a troll female. If the Council troll is any indication, it's going to be awesome Obviously I'm looking forward to the others too.

  2. #182
    The only 3 races listed that I actually play frequently, Nelf, Belf, and Draenei. All my others are worgen and a goblin.
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    Night Elves: The males could maybe lose the Gibbon look, and the females should show a bit more muscle, thanks.
    Humans: Away with the Muscle Ogre look for the males. Make the females a bit more rugged and powerful, and a bit less soft and rounded. Thanks. We're adventurers and warriors; not your mum in a lingerie catalogue.
    Dwarves: Just a higher poly-count, better animations and facial expressions. And tattoos. The base Dwarf is pretty awesome already; just needs touching up.
    Orcs: No more hunchbacks for the males. Touch-up for the females. The female orc is already one of my favourite models; could do with a higher poly-count and more fluid animations. The male orc is just... Ugh. -_-
    Undead: Again with the poly count. Undead are pretty good looking already, but they tried to do too much with textures, making the jutting bones and such look silly. Also, it might be nice to have some diversity in the Forsaken models. You know; maybe elf-ears or something.

    Tauren and Trolls aren't things I'm looking forward to, which is ironic since it's their models that put me off. Gnomes could do with better models, but I'm simply turned off by them because I find their in-built cheer and sexualized innocence deeply disturbing.

    Blood Elves: Don't really care.

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    Orcs: No more hunchbacks for the males.
    Add it as an option then. I like my hunchback. I don't want a green human.

  5. #185
    orc males in wow are as perfect as orcs can get based on my taste.
    i am really worried about them screwing it up

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    Gnome males look like they tuck their shirt/robe askew at the waste; always bugged me. I can't remember if females did the same thing.

  7. #187
    Tauren - because I am one.

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    Undead has the potential for so much epic, I'd also love if they could add an option where your clothes don't get instantly destroyed when you wear them as undead - like on the CN realms:

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    I'd love for them to be able to program another client with HD graphics, flowing robes and more lifelike armor and HD models. I'm most looking forward to nelf, cause they're just awesome.

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    I'm looking forward to pretty much every race, as there's a lot of things I'd like to see change or in some cases, just generally interested to see what they'd change. Dwarves for example I think look really good, I don't think they'd make them completely different but I'm excited to see exactly what would change appearance-wise.

    Would be nice to see if Tauren actually gets a neck, as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    Undead has the potential for so much epic, I'd also love if they could add an option where your clothes don't get instantly destroyed when you wear them as undead - like on the CN realms:

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    Dwarf. I think that's just because I'm biased (always played a dwarf as my main) and think it'd be cool to see an update.

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    Actually, every single race :P

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