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    Let's all take a chill-pill and relax. Advice has been given and there is no point going further until the OP has replied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yurano View Post
    Tahapenes is talking about getting the motherboard deal on the 3770K when it has never been the case ever with Microcenter.
    Never? It has been the case indeed. I get the monthly or bimonthly whatever it is sales pamphlets and the deal is very often there to save $$ on the motherboard in combination with the i7-3770K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yurano View Post
    There's no point in talking about the 3770K unless its worth the extra $80-100. Period.

    I don't see why everyone is so eager to point out the chance of a cheap 3770K when it is not ideal for a gaming build.
    Pardon me:

    It's $230. That's $40-50 more, not $80-100.

    Also there's a few combo deals in the "add-on" section, namely one good motherboard one:
    ASUS P8Z77-V LGA 1155 Z77 ATX Intel Motherboard$184.99 was $234.99
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