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    How to Macro using a Soulstone.

    Hey guys, I'm working on Kanrethad at the moment, and the amount of times I've wiped on 10%, with Soulstone up, and not been fast enough to click revive... ugh. Can I create a one button macro activate my Soulstone? So I don't need to try and click it with my mouse?

    Thanks mates, Jim

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    There is a way, some kind of /click somethingsomething macro. I don't know the exact thing, but thought I'd let you know that it's definately possible.


    Try here http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=...macro-question

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    here's a basic macro that i use, and have set a keybind for (f2)

    if you have a mouseover target (ie raid frames), it will cast ss on them, otherwise it casts it on yourself.

    #showtooltip Soulstone
    /cast [mod:shift]Soulstone;[@mouseover,exists,help]Soulstone;[nomod,@player]Soulstone
    /say casting soulstone on %t
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    i don't think he was looking for that kind of macro, helheim

    don't know how to do it with a macro, but the 'leatrix plus' addon has an option to automatically accept resurrections.. and if you want.. combat rez too. maybe that helps if you can't find a working macro..

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    /click StaticPopup1Button2
    For future reference "/fstack" is your friend. It'll show you the names of all the UI elements.

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    IIRC as soon as you die the boss resets, SS will only help you in terms of time took running back.
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    Thanks for all the replies everyone! It's great to see such a thriving Warlock community here on MMO.

    Special thanks to Filth for getting back to me so fast, he hit the nail right on the head. The macro I was looking for was: /run UseSoulstone()AcceptResurrect()RetrieveCorpse() which revives you with one key press.

    Xandy, you'd be surprised there brother. The fight doesn't actually reset straight away, you have a 1 second window to pop back up and keep going, which is why I wanted the macro! I didn't end up needing it, but it works exactly like I'd hoped. Going to be using it in the future for sure.

    I downed Kanrethad half an hour after posting, and then for lulz went back and one shot him with my Green Fire. So much fun!

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