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    I have gotten only ONE Titan Runestone a week for 10 straight weeks. Only 2 weeks to go.
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    First week I got 3, second week 2. After that it's been 1 a week.

    Still got Halls of Flesh Shaping to do though this week so I could get lucky and get the 3 I still need.. right?

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    1 AGAIN this week! 3-3-1-1-1-1. Not complaining because a guaranteed drop was so needed.

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    Got my cloak this wednesday having 2-2-2-1-1-2-2 drops.
    Very happy with it

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    First week: 2 (1 from Lei shen, 1 from Ra-Den)
    Second week: 4

    I'm feeling good about this.

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    Started on reset day this week, and got 2. Gonna keep running LFR for them (and for loot since my only character up to that stage still needs a few pieces for both specs), and then wait until 5.4 to finish the rest on my alts. Only just started it on one of them, and not past the 5.1 stages (i.e. Krasarang) on the other - got a third alt on his way to 90 that I'm also gonna try and get the cloak on.

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    1,1,1,1,1,3,1,1 so far for a total of 10. I might break something if I dont get 2 next week lol.

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    got it last night, four weeks total, yay!


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    2, 1, 1 on the shaman so far
    fuck you all who are getting 4+ per week, I hate you -.-

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    Got mine last week. 3 weeks total. 3/4/5.

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    Got my last drops this morning, was on 9/12 after last week, only did Pinnacle of Storms and got super lucky getting one off each boss, didn't even need to run hall of flesh shaping. Think it took me 4 weeks in total, got 1 last week and 4 the week before that so been pretty lucky overall.

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    It took me around 3 months to get mine lol; I got none at all until Lei Shen got 100% drop rate, then it took 6 weeks from there. I killed every boss on one difficulty or another each reset. I guess that's what I got for good RNG on the Secrets
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    had a break, came back and got all mine in a few weeks of LFR

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    I don't know if I'm incredibly lucky or they buffed the drop rate but 6/7 bosses dropped runestones for my pally, and with 1 from ra-den last week after getting my meta looking like a 2 week cloak. Direct opposite to my warriors 6 weeks and 8 week meta..
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    stuck on 11 until next week

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    1+2+3+1 so far, was hoping to be done before 5.4 but with it happening on the 27th. So much for that, darn RNG...
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