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    WoW is losing subs because devs doesn't give a sh*t about their game

    So I was watching a video from Blizzcon 2010 Q&A and I've noticed that devs doesn't know anything about their game. They doesn't give a sh*t about lore or anything else. Just take a look at this video. Play it from 4:10 to 4:50 and from 4:51 to 6:58:

    Now I know why Cataclysm was so terrible and why MoP continues it. WoW is losing subs because of devs that doesn't care about anything.

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    There are already a number of threads discussing subscribers and game problems. Add your thoughts to one of them instead of starting off what can only be called a rant thread which is very likely to be closed soon in any case.

    For instance, this one:


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