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    [HC] Jin'rokh and Horridon down. What's next?

    Wondering what boss(es) we should go for next. Which ones are easiest? Heard Durumu, Tortos and Iron Qon should be quite easy (at least compared to Horridon). That true?

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    Ji'kun or Tortos are quite easy.

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    Ji Kun > Tortos > Iron Qon/Maegera I'd say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rullis View Post
    Ji Kun > Tortos > Iron Qon/Maegera I'd say.
    Megaera is much harder than "Iron" Qon, at least on 10 man.

    I'd say - Jin'Rokh > Horridon > Tortos > Ji'kun > Iron Qon is good way for starters. Then just finish everything else once you get some gear.

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    Off to Tortos, then skip ahead to Ji-kun, after that push on to h Qon. Then go back and clean up.
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    I would say that Ji-kun is easier than Tortos but as it is later in the instance, I suggest giving Tortos a try at first and see how it goes. After you get Tortos and Ji-kun down, give Iron Qon a shot!
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    are you 10 or 25 man?.
    Either way I would probably say tortos Hc is next for you. Ji Kun is also pretty easy once u have the next rotation sorted out.
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    We have been struggling with ji-kun the past two weeks, I agree with the general consensus that it is an easy fight, but your mileage may vary. We picked a strat early on that did not work well for us, and 40 wipes in were still confused about what was going wrong. Tank damage is high, so tank skill and communication is important on this fight. If your raid is coordinated enough to do horridon, I expect your raid will be coordinated enough for ji-kun without issue.

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    Ji'kun is a one night boss if you go in prepared. Plenty of threads on this forum with nest strats.

    Haven't done Heroic Tortos yet but it seems that comp will play more of a role for that than Ji'kun.

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    The order I would do it in would be: Jin Rokh > Ji Kun > Horridon > Tortos > Iron Qon > Primordius > Twin Consorts > Megaera > Council of Elders > Durumu > Dark Animus > Lei Shen > Ra-Den (last two are obvious).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    Council is not that difficult (though I'm a rogue and ranged do the hard part during Frost King possess). I'm not sure why everyone skipped it.
    probably cause it got skipped by some guilds during week 1 progress.

    its been nerfed since then, but in peoples minds theres still the whisper "council is very hard in 10m".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genju View Post
    probably cause it got skipped by some guilds during week 1 progress.

    its been nerfed since then, but in peoples minds theres still the whisper "council is very hard in 10m".
    It got buffed, really. You can't easily cheese Frostbite anymore aside from immuning it while the missile is in the air.

    You're probably right though; some people skipped it, so everyone did.

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