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    Atonement tooltip update?

    Datamined tooltip update for 5.3 states Blizzard has removed the 40 yard radius from the enemy, now does this change the effect to infinite range? does it change it back to the way it was or is it unchanged? anyone on the PTR that can test this would be much appreciated! ^^
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    If any one has the ability to check this it would be greatly appreciated. The tooltip update is hugely ambiguous.

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    When you deal damage with Smite, Holy Fire, and Penance, you instantly heal a nearby low health friendly target for 80% of the damage dealt.

    I dont think it's infinite range, it says nearby.

    I dont like this...i dont like this at all.

    Can someone please test this?

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    With the changes being made to the way in which smart healing selects its target, I wouldn't be surprised if this is used as a reasoning to either reduce the range of Atonement or centre it a small distance from the Priest. Hopefully that isn't the case and we are getting worked up over nothing.

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