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    15 here, all just from LFR

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    16 secrets here, cleared normal first week and ever week since that, only missed 1 bosskill.

    Still 8 bosses left this lockout, hopefully I can get the ones I miss.

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    14 secrets, 11/12 normal currently

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    I actually have none at all, slacked a bit with the legendary quest thats why. Hope it wont gimp me too much in our progress ^^

    Im in a laidback guild we're 8/12 at the moment.

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    19, this week I got 3, the last 2-3 weeks I was lucky to get 1

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    12, 5/12 NM and doing lfr so nothing special
    Made by mountandpetlover, big thanks !

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    8 out of only LFR bosses so a 25% chance for me (8/36). I'm OK with that. Given this rate I should be done after 4-5 more resets considering next week the entire thing becomes available. If I understand correctly, there is no further collection quest in 5.3; the titan runestone thing just has to be done before 5.4 so I should not have a problem progressing through it. Heck I fully expect to enter 5.3 with a similar ilvl and gear level to people doing normal raiding without entering a single normal.

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    1... fml.

    To be fair, I'm being stubborn and barely doing any LFR because it's just a headache in a queue.
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    0, as I'm still stuck on A Test of Valor...

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    I finished getting all 20 yesterday. Got my legendary meta last night. Sadly I don't have a helm with a high enough iLevel to use it yet (needs 502)

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    14 on my main paladin 7/13hm full clearing since week 1

    6 on my druid just got quest this week so 6 from 9 bosses......

    RNG gods want my druid to beat my paladin apparently.

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    19, with 8 potential drops left
    So i'll probaly jump into LFR this weekend and get my shiny gem.
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    13 out of 62 boss kill (not counting LFR)

    thats roughly 21% drop

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    Got 18, but I have been slacking on doing LFR so I guess I could have had 20 by now.

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    19 secrets in 37 kills normal/heroic, if memory serves me somewhat right probably 5 or so LFR kills were eligable (spelled?) for secrets. (I missed out on 12 kills last week as I forgot to pick up the quest after faction changing)

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    I only have 7 so far, but then I was only eligible to start on them for last week's lockout, and I still have the Flesh-Shaping wing to do for this week (Will do that tonight).

    So, as of right this moment I'm at:
    7 Secrets/15 Bosses

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    17 dammit and 2 people have the meta in my guild

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuubi87 View Post
    Got 18, but I have been slacking on doing LFR so I guess I could have had 20 by now.
    It only counts the boss kill once whether it's LFR or Normal. If you kill Horridon in LFR and get one, then do it normal you will not have a chance in normal.

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    I only have 3. Granted I just recently started doing regular ToT. I have been stuck in the LFR version, and I have been slacking at that too :P

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    I have 14, I've not being getting lucky on drops recently, I had 13 last week. <---- That's my DK right over there.

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    9, with every possible LFR boss down every reset (and no relevant normal kills to speak of). Particularly frustrating to kill 9 bosses this week and only see 1 drop, when so many other people are nearly finished already; but it is what it is. 25-30% drop rate overall isn't too terrible, I guess, for what it is; but it *does* make bad luck feel way worse.

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