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    57 boss kills => 19 secrets. Pretty happy with the drop rate.
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    No more Secrets, but got my first 2 Runestones today. =)

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    I got 6 two weeks ago, 1 last reset...

    I'm on 19...

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    12/20, with 6 bosses to kill this week. I have horrible luck with this shit, tank in our raid team already has legendary meta gem.. :/
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    96 boss kills, 9 secrets. I could have more but I don't have time to run LFR every week and who really wants to tank that every week?

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    Started the quest today and got one off the first Jin'rokh kill of day. Sadly that was also the only one that dropped

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    15 secrets after nearly killing every boss every week since release

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vedel View Post
    96 boss kills, 9 secrets. I could have more but I don't have time to run LFR every week and who really wants to tank that every week?
    Good thing you can't get it from LFR and normal in the same reset then... That is, you can't get them from the same boss within the reset.
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    20 (21 actually) after 85 boss kills, counting only 1 kill per boss per ID. Includes ridiculous variations like, some IDs no drop at all, some up to 6. Granted, finished far before it gets relevant for the next step but still I don't really think that's the way it should be. Feels awkward to say the least.

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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    17, been skipping LFR for 2 weeks though so I could certainly have had it.

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    19 doing only LFR bosses. Pretty happy about the drop rate. Hope I get my last one from first two parts of LFR next week so I get some chances at Runestones as well.

    I'm above 25% at 19/69 so I'm happy with it.
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    After crappy RNG in past 3 weeks. This week I dropped 6 Secrets!!! Finally i got my LMG!

    Now more 4 months until complete the Titan Runestone :/

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    Oh RNG you joker. 0 on my main for 2 weeks and 6 on my alt this week zzz

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    was on 19 at the beginning of reset, did up to tortos hc with my guild, thought I'd get my last remaining one by forcing myself to do LFR, but RNG told me, not today.

    First week getting 0 secrets :/ I had to laugh.

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    18, today i got 6 of those lol past few weeks was getting only 2 .. the drop is so damn random WTF? First few weeks of LFR I didnt get any and I started the quest right when LFR came out.
    18 tablets > 69 kills

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    4 Runestones in the first week, yay! Secrets took a lot more time, almost 5 weeks.
    #yolo #swag

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    Eight. Been doing it since day 1. I must have the worst luck ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmcadidas15 View Post
    I currently have 15 secrets of the empire out of my 64 boss kills(not counting lfr) and most of my guild mates are already done with their 20. I was curious if I've just been real unlucky or if this is an average amount at this time. It really sucks not being able to get the legendary gem due to some bad rng. So, how many do you have?
    Real unlucky ? I got 3 out fo 39 boss kills, and that's only from lei shen because it's guaranteed now lol

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    1 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolo855 View Post
    Real unlucky ? I got 3 out fo 39 boss kills, and that's only from lei shen because it's guaranteed now lol
    You only said here that you started the quest last reset, that means 2x (12 to 13) = 24 to 26 possible bosskills at max, what am I missing?

    On Topic though: 3 out of 24 sounds more horrible than it really is. I just started this quest with my alt and got 1+3, meaning 4 out of 24.
    Personally, I'm happy getting 2 secrets per id. Doesn't seem too terribly wrong for those metagems to take 10 weeks.
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