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    Mage vs Rogue duels

    Hey guys, just made my second video. its a duels montage with a friend of mine. feel free to check it out, I always enjoy seeing new people comment giving me feedback and what i could improve with videos in the future.
    note: i'm not super high rated or anything, just and average player. i'm also relatively new to mage aswell I am only doing this because I enjoy making videos and will probably make more in the future. feel free to like and subscribe if you did enjoy it

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    Like 3v3 Arena? Don't like FOTM comps? Check out some Rogue BOOOOOMKIN Shaman
    Sativ on Youtube: Informational Guides and PvP Tips for Rogues!

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    A new world of warcraft arms warrior pvp video is uploaded on my channel. This time I'm showing you when I hit my 2.2k achivment. This is an achievment that I've been wanted to have for such a long time.
    Therefore it feels good to finally reach it Feel free to check it out.

    Feel free to check it out on: TikozoPvP On youtube.

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    - - - Updated - - -

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    I put together a guide to the recently changes Blizz made to how Bloody Coins work back in June.

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