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    Mage and Druid?!?

    So my brother is trying to convince me that Frost Mage and Resto Druid are the best and idk about that, what do you guys think? I was thinking more of an arms warrior and resto druid comp, thoughts?
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    It's a solid comp-- good CC synergy but both players need to be communicating or the actual pressure is nonexistant. As a healer, I spend most of the fight against that comp CCd but the druid has to help with holding down the kill target (in addition to healing and assisting with the CC chain) or the mage simply won't be able to land kills* (at least not on anyone who knows how to kite and LoS). I haven't faced the comp too many times but I don't think I've lost to it either. In all the matches I recall, the druid finally started stepping up to help the mage land a kill and when he did, we did a hard swap and killed the tree.

    I can see this being less of a problem against classes who don't have spells to get themselves out of novas. (watch your elemental's health-- you will need both novas to stop the kill target's partner moving in once your druid moves in with you).
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    Either way you're looking at long boring matches.

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    Frost mage and rdruid work well in 3's, but it is a pain in 2's because frost mages have no finishing capability. After a certain point, you just have to play rogue/mage because melee will beat you in dampening. In theory, it would work well (polymorphx3 -> cyclonex3 with stuns on the side), but those setups can easily be ruined by either member pillar humping for the duration.

    Consistent damage is really important in the dampening game, and frost mages just don't have that. You would have to go deep, deep, deep into dampening (~60%) before a healer has to start worrying about his mana against you, so you really are just fighting a losing battle in the dampening war. It is still a good comp, but I just don't see it being as strong as mage/rogue (if you're intent on playing a mage) or any melee/healer comp.

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