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    WoW Cyrodiil.

    Hello there.

    Should blizzard add cyrodiil type of pvp in wow?
    This type of group-pvp is the best ive played in any mmorpg.

    It requires a lot of coordination with other groups and great tactical planing.

    (for example):
    For those that played it, my group was doing side attacks drakelowe-faregyl or drakelowe-bloodmayne to cripple opponents push and also to take scrolls, while other groups were keeping the enemies busy in a more central approach.
    I play EP.

    It really feels great (in a tactical way) and i want to crush the alliance!
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    I don't know if the WOW engine can handle stuff like this. The closest WOW will ever have to that is probably Wintergrasp and Ashran.

    I am currently subbed to both ESO and WOW...they are VERY VERY VERY different games, and I don't really see systems from one working in the other. It's not even apples and oranges, it's apples and trout.

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    Closest WOW will probably get is Ashran.
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