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    ashran events are now random

    instead of it being race>brutes>quarry>spirits its now completely random

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    That wasn't always the case because there were two timers, one to time when the event was going to happen within a 10 minute period, and the other timer when it was actually going to start. I.E Race is on CD for 6 mins, while BR is on CD for 10 Mins, BR could have technically spawned before Race because there was a 10 minute random timer in which either the two could have spawned, therefore there was never a set order but you could generally guess right on a couple cycles. Other cycles they could have changed up.

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    There are three emerging metas for winning Horde groups in Ashran. Rather than the old "just run to wherever AshranBuddy tells you to go".

    1) Between events raid holds at crossroads, killing everything it sees, occasionally pushing Ally keep to pass the time.
    2) Between events raid holds at AoA to farm Ally portal NPCs for 25 CP each kill. (Kauper and Decker Watts)
    3) Between events raid holds at MQ and AoA, split evently between the two.

    -One, the most common by far, is the least efficient for CP gain, but gets near constant PvP.
    -Two gets good CP, but little PvP as the ally keep is so far away.
    -Three is the best option imo as it allows farming of ally portal NPCs as well as defense of the Horde lock portal at MQ. So long as the portal is defended, it becomes trivial to reinforce either zone. Also allows fast access to ABG from MQ or BR from AoA. Most efficient CP for the raid as well as a lot of PvP at MQ as Ally keep is very close and they can be easily provoked to pour out like a swarm of angry bees. Works best with two full raid groups. One at AoA, and one at MQ. But that only usually happens on Tuesdays and Sundays.
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