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    world pvp

    Well, one thing that i find a bit annoying its the gank from players with levels above mine, and now with the legion world quests its a pain, lol...
    Why dont limit the pvp in open world at your level, i mean players only could attack/gank players with same level or above and never players bellow their level.

    Would be more fun and fair for low levels, and not a 110 well geared ganking a level 100-109 that are trying do quests, eheh

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    isnt that the point of pve servers?

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    This is the oldest complaint in the book.

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    Stop playing on a PvP server.

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    Meh.. you just get used to it. I got ganked repeatedly by the same Demon Hunter who was 110 while I leveled my Mage alt in Val'sharah which was level 105. After the fourth time, a guildmate came and killed him and he didn't bother me again.
    For future alts, I'll maybe log my main out in the zone I am Leveling in and deal with the issue myself if possible.

    With all the positive things about the way Questing works in Legion, this is the only real downside I have seen but like you'll hear all over the forum "PvP Server is PvP Server" - It only really happens to folk on these servers but everyone should know what may or may not happen while leveling on a PvP server.

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