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    "Rogues and Shadowmeld" [Redirect - Solved]

    It links to the sub pvp thread. The google search also redirects there.

    See this thread's closing post. -Mugajak
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    could you clarify what you are talking about?
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    This has nothing to do with race. It was not classified a hate crime, and your attempt to race-bait the forum by turning into a black/white issue is not acceptable.
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    The entire thread of "Rogues and Shadowmeld" was moved to the end of the Sub PvP thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    The entire thread of "Rogues and Shadowmeld" was moved to the end of the Sub PvP thread.
    Ah, ok. That was not at all clear! Thank you very much.

    Thread over everyone, go home! Can a mod clean up?

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    Yup; for anyone that missed it, if a thread redirects you to the end of another thread, it's because we merged it. I (usually) leave notes in the post that was merged unless it's extra-incredibly obvious that it completely belongs there, or I, uh, forget. Closing this to prevent confusion.

    Update: this redirect in particular may seem off because the original merged post I deleted/merged to the post above it by the same poster. Sorry for the confusion! I'll delete/move down to the merged post next time, I guess.
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