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    Meet the Scout

    I did not accept this quest at the beginning and I know this is the start of the new rep. How do I get this quest then?

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    Have you tried logging out then back in?

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    Fly over the vale again. Or leave the zone and come back in.

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    Shouldn't it appear in your log anyway?

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    Can you just go to Krasarang, go to the island and see if there's a quest to pick up?

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    It auto-accepts. Can't decline.
    Appears when you go into Vale zone.

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    cant find this quest, i dont get it in the zone, i dont get it from the tauren am i do now?

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    I had to talk to the tauren pally in Two Moons to pick it up after zoning cancelled the pop-up. All else fails, ticket it.
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