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    Exclamation Rabid + Stampede

    I have just returned to WoW following a long break and hoping someone can answer a couple of questions I have about the current Stampede mechanics which I can't seem to be able to confirm.

    First of all, I'm having problems actually tracking the Rabid buff at all (I am using elvui with eavesdrop and recount). If anyone can give me some hints on how to track all five Rabid buffs that would be greatly appreciated. Eavesdrop just doesn't show Rabid and as far as I can tell there is no option to add spells into a filter. I am tracking buffs/debuffs in recount but can't find where to view this information.

    At the moment I've been testing stampede with 5 unique pets (4 with auto-cast) and main pet with auto-cast turned off; this is macro'd into some of my abilities at the moment. As far as I can tell Rabid is not casting at all on any of my pets apart from my main and current pet during stampede. I am measuring this by the fact that after I use Stampede on a target dummy then dismiss and pull out each individual pet, Rabid is not on cooldown and seems not to have been used.

    I understand that there is a problem with the Stampede glyph at the moment, but it seems Rabid is not casting at all anyway. Am I missing something here?

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    I think Rabid needs to be on auto cast when you use Stampede for the newly spawned pets to gain Rabid, although I'm not 100% sure about it as I never really look at it.

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    If you don't have the stampede pets rabid on auto cast you will need to macro /cast rabid somewhere for them to cast it. That is a loss though, better to just have it on auto cast. The only way to really track it is to click the pet or check world of logs (if you are logging). Or if they have different names you possibly could set up a weak aura, but that would require you to mouseover your pets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    If you have the stampede pets rabid on auto cast you will need to macro /cast rabid somewhere for them to cast it.
    I assume there's a "don't" or similar missing in that sentence? I can't make sense of it otherwise at least.

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    Yeah, I meant to put if you don't have.

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