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    So, what is it with the Kazzak server?

    is being an intolerable douchebag a requirement for being able to roll on that server?

    I havent met a single player from Kazzak that wasnt a piece of absolute inhuman filth.
    The server has a population of such insufferable cunts, that it has a reputation for being a scumbagserver.

    i really pity the 2 people on that server that are nice, and are stuck on there.

    15 minutes ago, got a random dungeon. Mage from kazzak ninjaing spirit gear from a fresh 90 healer. wins them all no less. spirit trinket, spirit cloak.
    Just for the sake of being a prick, he was full epic.

    before that, a pair of tank and dps. same guild.
    overgeared. joining only to spam racial slurs and insult people.

    list goes on and on.

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    Kazzak is one of the biggest servers. In proportion, it's douchebag ratio is probably not different from other servers, but in terms of numbers there would be more, making it more likely for you to encounter one in random dungeons.

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