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    i agree with this but you worded it badly. doing daily quests are an example of what you just described.

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    Well there are people who work at home and play at the same time!

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    I'm really looking forward to the new BG!

    Anybody have any feedback on it yet?

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    Right here *waves*
    Being able to observe world pet battles by other players. That and the new BC raid pets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldscar View Post
    I'm really looking forward to the new BG!

    Anybody have any feedback on it yet?
    It's a Resource race, with Capture the Flag elements.

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    I'll probably mess around a bit with the dailies I never got to due to the Golden Lotus rep gating. Mostly staying casual, working up some pets for pet battles (I just started these), trying out some of the new stuff, working on archaeology and some achievements.
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    Blood and carnage. Fuck Pandaland.
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    My expectation for 5.3 is for the patch number to go up.

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