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  • Kept the same (No new tier)

    11 12.22%
  • New Level Cap Tier (New tier)

    46 51.11%
  • Revamp (New way of acquiring talent points)

    27 30.00%
  • Other

    6 6.67%
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    The new talent system is way better than the old one, and I think they will probably just add a new tier to it. That said though they might slightly rework the previous tiers but not a full revamp.
    The old system was something you filled once and then never went back to. That's not the case now.
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    People in this thread still making out like wow is going to end at level 100....

    Anyway, I just think they will add another teir for what ever the next expansions level cap is. There doesn't need to be set levels to get new teirs at.

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    I would not be suprised if at level 95/100 it will unlock a new column instead of a new row

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