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    Heroic Ji-Kun 25

    What nest numbers do you need a tank on? Videos aren't terribly clear on this.

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    Certainly 2 and 5, can't say I remember past that.

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    There's 5-6 spots where you do, depending on how quickly you kill the boss.

    2nd and 5th lower, 5th and 7th upper, 13th lower and upper

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    1st Round:
    Lower nest 2
    Upper nest 1

    2nd Round:
    Lower nest 2
    Upper nest 3

    /edit: didnt read 25man, thats the nr for 10man.
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    I made up a spreadsheet to help our guild organize nests, you're welcome to use it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...WpyemNsT01YaVE

    (Tabs at the bottom for heroic)

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    2 down, 5 down, 8 up, 11 up, 14 down and then 16 or 17 up. The last one is on the same nest as 14 down.

    It's numbered as if each nest call (no matter if double or triple) is 1 number.

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