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  • Only Horde characters

    75 29.76%
  • Only Alliance characters

    76 30.16%
  • Both factions

    101 40.08%
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    The Lightbringer dacoolist's Avatar
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    Both, But I feel FILTHY just loggin in my Alliance toon.

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    i'm a double agent

    chaotic neutral represent!

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    Fluffy Kitten Nicola's Avatar
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    I mainly play horde but I do have a few alliance chars.

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    All of my mains are Horde, but I have a considerable number of Alliance alts. I like the races available to both factions enough that I'm more than happy to divide my loyalties.
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    Bloodsail Admiral Nivena's Avatar
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    Played (clicked!) my elemental shaman for 5 years before I decided to try out the other faction. So when I started to play the Paladin on Alliance side it was a whole other game....was very confused in Stormwind; even lost myself a couple of times.

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    I played both sides extensively from classic to WotLK. Since Cataclysm I've been exclusively Alliance. I keep telling myself I should level one of my Horde characters for the sake of seeing the content once from a different PoV but I can't bring myself to do it. I had fun Horde-side when there wasn't an all-out war between the two factions but nowadays I would just feel bad playing Horde.

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    I have toons from both factions, albeit only 2 from Alliance.

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    My first char was a lvl 30 night elf back in vanilla but since then I play horde only. I just find alliance extremely girly and lame :S. To be more specific I only play undeads, it's the only model I like.

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    The Lightbringer Auxis's Avatar
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    I started out as Alliance, my main realm is all alliance characters, got almost 5 alliance lvl 90s. I try to play Horde, because I wanna give it ago, but I've become attached to the way the Alliance works, and all the towns and the lore characters. I can never seem to get into the Horde.
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    I don't play both factions simultaneously. But I have played Horde and Alliance. I'm Alliance forever now on my server because that's where all the good WPvP guilds are(Kil'Jaeden)

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    Used to play horde exclusively but since leveling was made easier I actually switched over to the alliance. They're just prettier. I don't mind the shitty horde leadership and craziness - my characters have their 'own personality' and they don't necessarily support the people in charge.

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    Elemental Lord ringpriest's Avatar
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    When I quit I had a ton of Horde characters, and exactly 1 Alliance character - my NE druid. (On a different server from my Horde toons.) I'd always wanted to level a druid, and didn't like the Tauren forms. I kept it around so that I could go see the alliance side of events and questlines, and because I still had a few friends alliance-side on that server.

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    I strongly lean Horde, but I do have and enjoy Alliance characters too. They just level more slowly.

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    Titan Arrashi's Avatar
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    Im horde fanatic but i still have alliance alt to experience alliance side of lore. You can't judge it if you dont know all about it

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    I'm almost 100% alliance. Have a level 40 Belf Pally I haven't touched in like 2 years. That's all the Horde i have.

    All my friends are Ally, I despise Garrosh. I used to have more Horde toons, but Garrosh happened. All those former-Horde toons are now happily-Alliance. || A Gaming Blog

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    I am Murloc! MasterOfKnees's Avatar
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    Always been only Horde, not because of some Horde-pride bullshit, mostly because that's where all my heirlooms are. I'm also a guy who mainly just plays his main and nothing else, so yeah.

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    only alliance
    when I finish all stuff with my main, I cancel game subscription, untill new content appears
    too lazy for Horde

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    Sometimes I try playing on my Blood Elf, seeing as that's my favorite race. However, when I go about killing humans and dwarves, I jsut have to leave and go in with my main Worgen (second favorite). So ther's why I also want playable high elves, so I can have my favorite race on my faction.

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    The Patient
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    My single ally toon exists for the sole purpose of cross-faction AH raiding.

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    Brewmaster ACES's Avatar
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    My main is Horde but all of my alts are Alliance.

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