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    Quote Originally Posted by Korru View Post
    5.5 isn't even confirmed...
    And let's not forget we didn't have a 4.4 like so many people claimed we would as a pre expansion patch. Pre expansion patches always start with a new version number and don't continue the last expansion's version number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowraven View Post
    Too little time, this would mean MoP lasted just a bit over a year. It's much more belivable that next expansion will come before the the Easter of 2014.
    Exactly this and if anything Blizzcon will only kick off the beta for next expansion and nothing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    they said in an interview a while back that 5.5 and maybe even 5.6 is a possibility. so really we should assume that 5.4 wont be the last patch unless the expansion comes out waaaaaay sooner than we expect
    They never said any such thing about 5.6. They said there may be a 5.5 and that's it. There won't be any major content coming after 5.4 before the next expansion so let's just nip that one in the bud right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Rider View Post
    Something tells me that expansion can be announced before Blizzcon
    Something tells me you are ignoring past history for the sake of saying something contrary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milerks View Post
    everytime it was like that,
    in ~3-5 months we should get an announcemnt of blizzard registering name for the next expansion
    For the sake of clarity it isn't an announcement. It is nothing more than a legal filing of a trademark and Blizzard never says one word about it. It is usually this site who uncovers the information and "announces" it. What is it with these expansion threads that bring people out of the woodwork who only seem interested in spreading blatant misinformation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    They will announce the next expansion at Blizzcon for sure, with Beta opening that weekend. They can use the opportunity to announce a new annual pass that rewards priority beta access and possibly that Bat mount that was datamined

    Pretty certain the next expansion won't be out this year, it's just too soon. Maybe next Easter as someone suggested.
    Based on how Blizzard says they want expansions to be on 18 month development cycles instead of 24 (and before anyone starts up shit Mop missed that 18 month mark by only 1 or 2 months) that puts the next expansion at a spring 2014 release which is ample time for a beta if it starts immediately after Blizzcon or soon after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conscious View Post
    I'm not sure no new initial content would pass now a days.

    It's always either been new class or race, or both as of late.

    I doubt they'd risk just upgrades. Especially if Mists doesn't finish strong.
    I'm calling it right now: regardless of how well 5.4 and possibly 5.5 are received and what the actual subscription numbers are at the end of the expansion you are still going to make the claim that Mop didn't finish "strong".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crashdummy View Post
    They did confirmed SoO was the last raid though
    Doesn't matter. Given the bullshit that went on during end of Cata and Mop beta people are going to swear up and down there will be a new raid before the next expansion all the way up to and including the day the next expansion launches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Don't be surprised if Expansion only lasts around a year.
    They want to pump up the speed not for nothing, I would be glad if an expansion lasted around 1 hour, 2 year with 1 theme is pretty long, especially if you hate the theme.
    How faster they produce expansions, how faster we see commercials of WoW on TV =)
    Blizzard has said time and again repeatedly they want 18 month expansion cycles. They said it before Mop launched and they said it after Mop launched. They haven't said anything about shorter cycles for expansions so please stop this. This is the kind of misinformation that fuels all the "Bli$$ is rushing expansions as a money grab" nonsense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    I'm calling it right now: regardless of how well 5.4 and possibly 5.5 are received and what the actual subscription numbers are at the end of the expansion you are still going to make the claim that Mop didn't finish "strong".
    No one will if it doesn't break even at some point here.

    Also where's my citation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Blizzard has said time and again repeatedly they want 18 month expansion cycles.
    Updated the o.p. to reflect the difference between 'current speed' and blizzards stated 18 month cycle.

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    Updated O.P. to reflect confirmed date of 5.3

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    5.2= 03/13
    5.3= 05/13
    5.4= 09/13
    blizzcon= 11/13
    beta = 12/13
    5.5= 12/13
    pre xpac patch= 3/14
    6.0 = 4/14
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    I think MoP will be the shortest exp till now. Year and a half at most.

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    I'm sure we can all agree that Blizzcon will announce the next expansion; beta will start shortly thereafter and will last 4-6 months. 5.4 will be the last major content patch and will come out right after summer ends and everybody is back from summer vacations and can spend some time playing 5.4. And as always there will be a major patch a month or so before the next xpac which will likely likely include character graphic overhaul; an again modified talent system and pre-expansion storylines. I doubt there would be anything after 5.4 until the pre-expac patch.

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