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    Magic: The Threadining

    We don't have a MTG chat thread in the Chat Zone for chatting!

    Let's talk about MTG! What guild did you pick for RTR? Why didn't you go with Dimir? Why are you afraid to admit to U/B superiority?

    The Lightfister

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    I haven't played since Legends expansion. You think it's easy to pick up still? the game play that is.

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    A bunch of my friends started playing or picked up their decks again after years, I managed to snag a black deck made from boosters from my friend, and it only took 1 night of 5 games for me to get into it. My plan is to build a black/white deck.

    also that spider in the green deck with deathtouch is a pain in the ass to deal with.
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    i have one of each decks for rtr. cant afford it anymore so I just play wow and nothing else now. But I want to continue collecting the duel decks. they are sweet. Im a really big precon deck fan

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    also that spider in the green deck with deathtouch
    you mean deadly recluse? i always use that in my green decks

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