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    Another patch, another rehash

    So now that we're going into Ragefire Chasm for the 3rd or 4th time, who wants to bet they're rehashing Scarlet Monastery (again) next patch?

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    It's because there is a story to be told.

    Deal with it.

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    They arent reusing instance, they are using similar style to BRC/RFC but its still completely new terrain. Also its scenario so no reason to cry about it.

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    How is this post constructive?

    been there done that... except AQ opening event, fml -.-

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    They're also likely reusing Orgrimmar for the patch after this.

    Better save the qq and quit now.

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    Maybe you should watch the vid on the front page before making silly statements. It's not a rehash, it's new! It's not just ragefire with new mobs in and some diff bosses, it's a different part of a larger Ragefire (core)

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    Yeah, Blizzard so lazy, they also rehashed Jaina in 5.1, AND 5.2. Can you believe it?!

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    its an entire new part of RFC, something we never saw before and just because it has RFC on its name its a rehash?

    by that logic every caverns of time dung is a rehash after escape from durnholde!
    or every Hellfire citadel dungeon a rehash from ramparts.
    or every tempest keep dungeon a rehash.

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    World War II was a rehash of World War I.

    Hell, every day of our lives happens in the same world as the day before, what a huge rehash!

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    0/10 Troll unsuccessful

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThisWillNotStand View Post
    So now that we're going into Ragefire Chasm for the 3rd or 4th time, who wants to bet they're rehashing Scarlet Monastery (again) next patch?
    Another patch another whiner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Recom View Post
    0/10 Troll unsuccessful
    He got you to reply, thus he is successful.

    Or wait, am I being trolled?! FUUUU

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    Well, this didn't remain constructive for long.

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