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    To get over a hatred..

    Alright...I have a strong hatred for Blood Elves, but I don't know how to get over it. Help??

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    Seek professional help if you truly feel a strong hatred for something in a game.
    Waaaaah this guy was mean to me! Waaaaaaaaah!

    I'm mean because you're stupid.

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    You have hatred over pixels. You should get realife help.
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    Funny story, my last gf was a lot younger than me, she kept calling me a pedophile. I was like "lol that's a big word for a 6 year old."
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    I asked my dog how it likes to be fucked and it said, "Ruff."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistika2489 View Post
    Alright...I have a strong hatred for Blood Elves, but I don't know how to get over it. Help??
    I repeat you must be really bored, just leave and spam on youtube or something.
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    Roll Alliance on a PvP server. Happy killing.

    Now that I solved your problem I demand payment in cash. *nod*

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    For **** Sake, are you still creating these things. It's the third or second time. Stop hating something thats not even real...

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    I don't even know anymore.
    So why did we feel the need to bump his other post from 2 weeks ago?
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    One of these threads is silly enough. Two is gratuitous.

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