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    How many Lesser Charms of Good Fortune do you have?

    I got only 70 atm, I hate daily quests but I still do them to get bonus rolls.

    Luckily weekly quest gets nerfed

    Was wondering if anyone had huge amounts of lesser charms.

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    Around 750? Haven't been on for 2-3 weeks. I'm a daily nut, so it's expected.

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    About 1,500. Been doing them on & off since the release.

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    I struggle with them on my alts, but my main got plenty due to raising all reputations and stuff and keeping a decent pace since hitting 90.

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    Over 4240 charms atm. I made a post about this issue, you might want to check it out.

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    I have ca 2700
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    when 5.2 came I had 3... Now I have +- 150 each week.. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but I always have enough to get the coins.
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    6412 so far on my main, as I still do dailies every day on it, it will continue to grow
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    About 200. I'll replenish them when I get around to doing the last of the Stormbreaker achievements.
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    On my currently most active char I have 200 or so, on the first char I leveled to 90 I have thousands. But that char isn't very active any more.
    My healer barely get the 90 each week, going to be easier with the reduction thankfully though.

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    I have 1100 or so because I do the dailies to cap valor. I run all 4 of the new LFRs which is 360 valor. Then I do 1 scenario and all the isle dailies and that caps me. We haven't been raiding normal's much so I can't count on that unfortunately. If I could I'd stop doing dailies like I did last tier. I'm not a fan of heroics or doing the old LFRs so dailies is all I've got left. Scenarios are easy though.

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    Currently at 37 on my main and about 12 on my other main.
    I get enough for weekly coins, and then nothing more.

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    Just over 3000. I do pet battles every day and they pop up all the time. Yet there's pretty much naff all we can do with these charms.

    Personally I think Blizz should consider maybe, get 10,000 charms and get a really cool EPIC battle pet, or something. Or allow us to summon more than 1 pet at a time when not in battles, like, 1000 charms = 1 additional summonable pet, up to something like ten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atfirst View Post
    I got only 70 atm, I hate daily quests but I still do them to get bonus rolls.

    Luckily weekly quest gets nerfed

    Was wondering if anyone had huge amounts of lesser charms.
    23.. Haha.
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    less than 50 across my 90s.

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    I rarely have enough to turn the quest in on a weekly basis. At most I will do one set of ToT dailies on one character and then call it quits.

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    like 20.. i gave up on extra coins. The 28g 50s is not worth the brain killing dailys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaos Incarnate View Post
    6412 so far on my main, as I still do dailies every day on it, it will continue to grow
    over 6000 ?! holy hell

    I have around 1k charms and I like the idea to be able to spend them elsewhere.

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    I am so happy with nerf to gold coins. I am struggling every week to get 90 coins. I was never into pet battles and dailies. I still have the 5k dailies achieve tough, but dont know how.

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    1800 on main. 270 on alt

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