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    Ranking normal mode Throne of Thunder bosses?

    Now that my guild is finally starting to knock some bosses out(still a pitiful 6/12) I was curious as to the order of difficultly as in ranking from easiest to hardest for normal mode ToT. It seems that the front end was loaded with difficult bosses for us(Tortos and Megaera specifically), but then fights like Ji-Kun and Durumu seem alot simpiler or at least lack the intense punishment for a single raider performing poorly.

    Anyways where you would rank all the bosses in terms of difficulty; from easiest to hardest. I would say for us so far it has been

    Horridon(before the nerfhammer)
    Tortos(I know it seems weird but there was I point in there I wanted to commit turtle genocide).

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    Twin Consorts
    Council of Elders
    Iron Qon
    Dark Animus
    Lei Shen

    But you should have no trouble doing it linearly!

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    All the normal modes were pretty faceroll, even the first week. The only one that was fucking annoying was Durumu if you didn't do any ptr testing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zavri View Post
    All the normal modes were pretty faceroll, even the first week. The only one that was fucking annoying was Durumu if you didn't do any ptr testing.
    Objection, non-responsive.

    Anyway I'd certainly put Primordius at the top of the easy list, out of the first eight anyway. Took my guild four pulls. Turned a "hurray we killed Durumu, let's use the last 30 minutes of raid to get a look at Primordius instead of quitting early" night into a "hey cool, we're 8/12 now!" night. Easier by far than Jin'rokh even.

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    Twin Consorts
    Iron Qon
    Dark Animus
    Council of Elders
    Lei Shen

    pre nerfs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potentio View Post
    But you have no choice but to do it linearly!
    Fixed that for you.

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    May I ask anyone who's not putting Primordius near the top what the difficulty was? My guild's good but not superb and he was very easy for us. We didn't even go over the mutations he got. We just sort of winged it and got it in four tries. Was it a gear challenge and we were just "overgeared"?

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    So far of the 9 bosses we have done I would say:

    Dark Animus=Ji-Kun

    Mainly the all bosses after Tortos are roughly at the same place for us.

    As we are still on Iron Qon (with several pulls...) cannot comment on the rest.
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    basically 3 healing made it a lot harder as it was destroying the tanks eventually.. plus some dps pickig bad mutations due to not being used to the fight (our first attempts)made it a lot harder than it was. It is one of the first fights where i believe having a 3rd healer hurts the raid.

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    Assuming a 496 ilvl coming in and 10 man :

    Jin'rokh = Twin Consorts = Primordius = Ji-Kun = faceroll easy
    Dark Animus = pretty easy if assigned properly

    Tortos = assuming kicker knows what to do
    Council of Elders = if sul dies before empowered
    Megaera (post-nerf)

    Horridon (pre-nerf)
    Megaera (pre-nerf)= pretty hard in 496 gear

    Iron Qon
    Lei Shen

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    Twin Consorts
    Dark Animus
    Iron Qon
    Horridon (pre nerf)
    Council (pre nerf)
    Megaera (pre nerf)
    Lei Shen

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    "It was all easy, so easy in fact I'm not going to bother justifying your ridiculous question with an answer; it's normal mode, it's all easy."
    - Elitest.

    On topic:

    Iron Qon
    Lei Shen

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    My list looks something like this, from easiest to hardest(25 men perspective):

    1) Jin'rokh -> self explanatory. That's as easier as a boss can get

    2) Council of Elders -> While my 10 men guild struggled a lot with these, the 25 men version is much less punishing. Once you get the tactics down, the fight ends before you even know it. The damage is almost negligible compared to the 10 men version, where you have to heal your tits off.

    3) Horridon -> Almost as easy as Council of Elders, although it's quite easy to die in stupid ways here. The first week was sort of tough as most of my guild was a bit undergeared, but we still downed him in a couple of tries

    4) Megaera -> Way, way, way easier compared to the 10 men version. Killed her in our second try without even watching a tactics video. The only hard part at 25 men is to get people move out of bad stuff, because the healers pretty much have it covered. With so many cooldowns available for Rampage, this fight is a no brainer for any average guild

    5) Primordius -> Some people may consider it easy, but he put up quite a struggle, the little golum ripoff. Coordination is the hard part of this encounter, coupled with a pretty nasty enrage timer. It took us several wipes to find the adequate tactic on how to do it, and it requires more awareness from the raid(Pick the right buff at the right time, avoid shit on the floor, don't be a dps whore and aoe the adds) than the previous bosses. Not that easy, in my opinion.

    6) Ji'kun -> This fight requires a good deal of coordination and has punishes the people who fail harshly. A slip-up from one of your nest teams will bring you a wipe, and there's a good deal of ways to fail here. The damage the tanks get also brought us a couple of stupid deaths.

    7) Tortos -> A very nasty encounter. It looks simple on theory, but there's a lot of shit going on. Melee deaths, turtles not being kicked in time....chaos, really. Not my favorite encounter.

    8) Dark Animus -> This is just a huge raid awareness test coupled with a few annoying tactics sessions before you actually do the boss( And a very annoying trash pack to warm you up). The fight itself is ridiculously simple, but there's no fool proof plan to it. Some unlucky teleports may fuck up your raid.

    9) Twin Consorts -> I never understood why people considered this fight a faceroll. By all accounts, it's the most healing-intensive fight of them all. There's not much to do tactics-wise, except for using your CDs properly in the last phase. Until you get the hang of how to use the celestial aids, this fight is very brutal.

    10) Durumu -> Self explanatory, really

    11) Iron Qon -> Too much shit going on. The really annoying part of this boss is the beginning of the third phase, when Dam'ren enters the fray. If your raid is very bad at spreading, you'll tear your hair.

    12) Lei Shen -> Oh my, what a fight. A simple mistake on the transition phase will, most likely, wipe the raid if luck is not on your side and you die.

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    Jin'rokh (Here's your free loot pinata)
    Primordius (This fight was honestly so easy, you could have half the raid not focusing, and still kill it)
    Twin Consorts (Healing is a little tricky, still pretty easy. Oneshots NP)
    Council (Easy when you kill Sul first. Just requires awareness for 2 minutes)
    Ji-kun (Quills can be hard to heal, and if the nests fail, you wipe. Still not that hard)
    Horridon (Add control! Interrupts! Mad deeps! Honestly the first challenging boss)
    Dark Animus (Not really that hard, once you got the tactic in place it was pretty easy. Still had some annoying mechanics)
    Tortos (Wipe mechanics, and a lot of damage. Still pretty short, so not that hard)
    Megaera (Lots of healing! Got easier when you had the gear)
    Durumu (Wall of "OMG I MoVED BUT LAGGED!". Requires a lot of awareness)
    Iron Qon (Lots of damage going out, annoying mechanics, phase 2 is pretty hard because the tornados have a larger radius than you'd think)
    Lei Shen (High healing required? High dps required? Wipe mechanics on many different spells? Check.)

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    Jin'Rokh (faceroll)
    Twins (faceroll)
    Ji'Kun (faceroll)
    Primordius (faceroll)
    -huge gap-
    Dark Animus (careful i got the "shooting damage at the raid debuff" -Damagedealer dead - healer dead - "..." )
    Council (pretty easy if you have the dps to kill Sul before he gets empowered, but still annoying fight)
    Tortos (stun, stun, stun,... annoying)
    Horridon (kick the poison or wipe...)
    Megaera (healer check)
    Durumu the boring one ("plz someone take over the lifedrain i got 2 stack... 3,4,5,6.. ahh, just screw this attempt... again")
    Iron Quon ("Dude you can't catch the spear, move away!")
    Lei Shen ("gather in 3/4 of the blue blinky voids... run as far as possible away from the other one!... O.K?")

    in my opinion a boss is harder for the whole raid if he has abilities that pretty much wipe the raid if a single person makes a mistake (like tortos not kicking the breath) even if you know the mechaniks.

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    You have to make a seperation between 10m and 25m tho...
    I only raid 25m and we are still strugglin with Lei Shen. Have spend 2 IDs on him a 2 full days I think.
    When we were clearing out the raid (Lei Shen) yesterday in a 10m we killed him first try. It was ridicolously easy, I didn't even have words for how much easier it was compared to 25m. Now I don't know if we have way too many slackers in our 25m or if the 10m is just heavily undertuned.

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    Now i can only speak for 10 man, and since we managed to clear everything in the first week this is how i saw the difficulty:

    1: Jin'rokh
    2: Ji'kun
    3: Twin Consorts
    4: Iron Qon
    5: Horridon
    6: Council of Elders
    7: Dark Animus
    8: Tortos
    9: Primodius
    10: Durumu
    11: Megeara
    12: Lei shen.

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    People who did them after having multiple items from the previous tier on heroic and/or upgraded cannot really tell how hard something tuned for ilvl 496 was.

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    EQ _does_ make a difference, thats known .

    ToT isn't really "hard", it's "just" plenty of pages of boss/add abilities. Exept maybe Terrace that goes for whole MoP.

    Every expension seems to weight different skills from the players, e.g. BC (and late classic) was "Croud control"; LichKing mainly wanted you to be good at movement (lol @ Patchwork melees ), cataclysm.. hmm... perhaps a mix of all that before.

    But MoP "just" wants you to know and deal with a plenthora of different mob-abilities...

    Lil' nostalgia: You are the bomb!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eierdotter View Post
    in my opinion a boss is harder for the whole raid if he has abilities that pretty much wipe the raid if a single person makes a mistake (like tortos not kicking the breath) even if you know the mechanics.
    imho time is a huge factor. 10+min strains attention, maybe someone remembers Nefarian, the first kill took iirc over 20min... and a wipe took 10+min walking and buffing xD
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