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    H Tortos - crystal shell issue

    Was working on H Tortos 10 last night and one thing we noticed is around the time the second bats were out the tanks crystal shell would just suddenly fall off no matter what we did. Anyone else experienced this or did we just take enough damage in that small window to break it?

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    If you are asking if there is some bug or issue causing it then I am 99% sure the answer is no.

    Your tank is just taking a bunch of damage and breaking the shell. That being said, we would need logs to be sure.

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    Some attempts were happening with the paladin tanking bats, others were with me (monk) tanking em.

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    Damn, why is WoL blocked at work?

    That said, the bats can do a lot of damage. Are you kiting the bats or killing them?
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    Some attempts were killing, some were kiting.

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    I only looked at your 3rd attempt because I saw all I needed to see. You took minimal damage until quake stomp I am going to assume because you were kiting. The problem here is the bats were not dead before quake stomp, quake stomp on heroic does 100% of your health in damage so your shield will always drop from quake stomp unless you use a major cd and even then it will be iffy because the bats are going to wreck you through the stun. It is extremely important that the bats die before the quake stomps because keeping you above 500k hp through that is going to be close to impossible.

    On another note why isn't your paladin tank solo tanking this fight?

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    We tried me straight up tanking bats the first few attempts I believe it was. I can't remember which attempt we started kiting. I think it was after we swapped and had the paladin tanking bats though.

    I'm not the raid leader so can't answer the solo tank question.

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    It's not vital to kill them before quake stomp, however if they are still up a stun from someone (shadowfury or something along the lines) helps so much beacuse the bats can't pound on your tank while everyone is stunned. Just make sure the stun isn't DR'd

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