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    I am ok with it, though i have never made a pandaren or play on other than the new race i think its been fine

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    Neutral faction system is good, but they're fat/hairy/ugly, so I hate them.

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    Well im happy enough with pandas. They are pretty cool, especially the shado *ahm* nights watch.
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    Female Pandaren are fine, all Male Pandaren need to go back to wherever the hell it is that they came from. They are too ridiculous to take seriously.

    I think Pandaren would have been more popular if you didn't have to spend a literal hour to get off the damn turtle and join a faction. I may have considered playing one if it did not. - Goodnight, sweet prince

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    I think Pandaren would have been more popular if you didn't have to spend a literal hour to get off the damn turtle and join a faction. I may have considered playing one if it did not.
    Seems to be the route they're going with new races, worgen/goblins with Gilneas and the Lost Isles too

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    Gameplay wise they were, I think they were lore wise but lore doesn't matter so I'd say they were definately a success

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    They make a lot more sense in the game then space goats do at the very least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    And I mean more than in just terms of the race itself. They introduced the "bi-faction" system and are Warcraft's first neutral race, something a lot of us never thought Blizzard would go for.

    What do you think? Did it work out? Do you want to see more neutral races in the future, or go back to unique races for each side?
    It still doesn't make sense the way they presented it. Goblins could've been a far more logical choice as a neutral race imo, competing cartels contracting with opposing factions, and they actually said that was their original intent.

    The Huo'jin/Tushui philosophical differences do NOT fall onto faction lines. Darkspear and Tauren are clearly Tushui, Night Elves and Worgen do plenty of Huo'jin actions, Humans and Orcs as well, Varian in Wrath was Huo'jin, Thrall was always Tushui in mentality.

    The concept is neat, the idea of a neutral race, but Pandaren simply don't fit with it. They have literally zero reason to be fighting each other.

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    Honestly it made more sense to do this than what they have done in the past.

    People didn't complain that Worgen should have been Horde cause their scary. Everyone was happy.
    The Free will option gave the class a distinct flavor of a people not born into conflict as the rest of Azeroth is which makes sense for an enlightened race isolated from a chaotic and corrupted world.
    They have a their own niche class (Monk) that most races do (ex. Orc Warrioir, Elf Mage/Archer, Undead Warlock/Deathknight etc)

    Eventually everyone who took this game too seriously left (OMG PANDAS Derrp) and the game continues without them (Bonus imho)
    I play one and he's my favorite

    I'd call it a success

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    I got one. It most have.

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    As much as I resisted originally I think they have fit in well and will continue to be interesting several expansions down the road. Just looking forward to new models for all the vanilla classes so everyone feels caught up

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    Success, we never had such a deep insight on any story told for any other race.

    The race looks good, the neutral behaviour fits too.

    Only negative point is the fact that Aysa and Ji never did anything again past level 12.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KunkkaTheAdmiral View Post
    Only negative point is the fact that Aysa and Ji never did anything again past level 12.
    Together with their factionw (tushui an houjin).

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