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    i love the following:
    - Hostage (OBVIOUSLY :P)
    - Partner in Crime / although i'd like to make it does a vanish effect and popping the image and u at the same time right after for the confusion
    - Reinforced Leather, this should be brought back as a passive to all specs with a boost to armor instead of flat damage reduction and maybe a % of spell reduction
    - Shadow Clone

    --- someone please post hostage on US forums ---

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    Quote Originally Posted by skullzbh View Post
    Shadow Clone
    Looking forward to something like that :O

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    Cool ideas here....

    saihah -> Combo Point Mastery .. "stored on you" part should be baseline for rogues already......

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    Glad some of the later posters are actually liking the ideas
    I did give credit to where I copied/altered talents, and Hostage (as posted) was not my original idea
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