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    they've created a second class for int leather so they probably gonna bring another int plate wearer next .. could indeed be battle-mage.

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    I don't really care whichever class might be next someday, as long as it nice to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyxxi View Post
    I sense a lot of narcissism

    I also don't remember Demonology warlocks having Meta through Vanilla or TBC
    It comes from a lot of discussions over such subject. I have a large CV in Demonology with a masters on Demon hunters and Warlocks thanks to that =P

    And u r correct, it was my mistake meta was not around before TBC. Still, my point remains

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Spock View Post
    Oh I see. I'd try to be more involved i nyour discussion but I don't know anything about DH, I know plenty about warlock lore and history after researching my class because im gay* like that, wanna throw me a brief overview?

    *Northern British insult, not in anyway an insult towards those who are homosexual.

    The best overview you can have is in my signature

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    I prefer 4th spec for all classes. Barring that, 2nd on my list is Bard. Battle-Mage is pretty low. I think we have enough melee classes as it is.

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