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    Cool Things I would Personally Bring Back To WoW

    One of the things that's wrong with the community these days is how entitled they are. No one feels that anything should require any effort or work to get what they want. If I had it my way, these are just some of the things I would introduce into the next expansion and bring back.

    Truly Heroic Heroics
    Challenge Mode dungeons were a nice feature but finding a group for them after the initial launch is kind of a pain. If you don't have friends interested in running them you have to try to pug them... and as usual, people leave after one wipe in most pugs. I would re-introduce the Burning Crusade difficulty. There wouldn't be cloth characters tanking dungeons again and CC would be back on the action bars.

    Flying Would Be Worth It
    Remember when you got your initial flying for the first time and how much work it was to get epic flying again because not everyone just had the gold sitting around? The epic and long chain in BC was a lot of fun when you look back at it, because you earned it.

    In the new expansion, here's how I would handle flying:
    - No flying until level cap
    - Players must explore every area of every new zone before opening up a quest from the flight trainer
    - The quest will send you to various dungeons to collect materials from bosses.
    - The materials will form together to create your final quest
    - The final quest will send you to various raids to collect body parts/things from bosses that will need to be inscripted into a quest item (Tome of Higher Flying).
    - Once all the pieces are collected and the quest is complete, THEN you would use flying.

    Looking For Raid
    - The difficulty for LFR would be gone, it would share the same difficulty with Normal.
    - Players who AFK and consistently get hit by Area effects or ignore boss mechanics would be punished with stacking debuffs and a lesser chance of obtaining loot.
    - On the other hand, players who are consistently avoiding Area effects and doing boss mechanics correctly would be rewarded with a higher chance of loot.
    - In order to use the Looking For Raid queue, your character must be exalted with all of the heroic dungeon factions in the expansion.

    The Removal Of Justice/Valor Points
    While I like the idea behind this, I think it could use a little re-vamp.

    - First, in order to even collect any "points", you would be required to have obtained exalted with all of the heroic dungeon factions which would lead to the opening of a chain quest.
    - This chain quest will send you all over the world on a massive collecting quest. You will be given a cube that sits in your inventory and you must siphon the souls/essences of monsters and bosses from heroic dungeons.
    - The next and final part of the chain will require you to queue up for a solo scenario where all of the souls you have collected from bosses will be released one by one and you must defeat them all. They'll be made easier so that you can defeat them 1v1. Once complete, your cube will be permanently bound to your character and you may now siphon the souls from bosses. It won't require any action on your part once your cube is bound to you, you will automatically get the boss from a soul once you kill it.
    - You may then craft gear that would have been considered Justice/Valor points with various crafting materials and materials from raid bosses such as hearts, eyes, etc.

    Guild Hopping
    Guild hopping in MoP is a huge problem because of just how easy it is to gain reputation. I know more structured 25 mans and heroic guilds don't have this problem, but with this being so easy, a lot of players don't have any intentions of helping their guild out and usually just join for free perks.

    - Access to perks would be based on how much experience you have generated for the guild. It will take a rather significant amount to finally unlock the Level 20-25 perks.
    - When you join a guild, your account will be marked as a "trial" internally and if you leave within that 7 day trial, you will receive an invisible account debuff that will not allow you to gain guild reputation or experience for any other guild for 7 days. Being gkicked from a guild will not give you this debuff.
    - Players who have this debuff will show up with an icon next to the game in the guild roster that's visible to everyone including the officers/guild masters.

    Player Housing
    While this feature has been demanded far more than once, I would do it a bit differently than some have suggested.

    - It would be instanced and available from Orgrimmar/Stormwind (or wherever the capitols are in future expansions).
    - In it would be similar to an Inn room with a bed but leading from the bed would be a "Trophy Room".
    - In here would be where all of your current outstanding achievements are placed.
    1) You will have a wall of various pieces of armor/parts from final bosses that you have defeated. This will only be view-able for bosses that you defeated while the tier was current and not a tier behind.
    2) You will also have a wall that shows all of your gear sets such as Tier sets that you have collected. They will also act as storage for your tier sets where you can easily xmog your gear or equip the gear with the click of a button.
    - You can invite friends from your friends list or guildies to your house to show off your trophies/collections.
    - You can purchase upgrades for your house as well as a gold sink such as an upgraded bed, accessories, etc. Some of them will provide benefits such as 20% extra rested while sleeping in your bed (at level cap, you'll gain 20% extra reputation and gain rested for reputation gains when you sleep in your upgraded housing bed.)
    - You'll additionally have the option to allow 3 of your non combat pets to live in your house which will be visible when you visit.
    - However, you're not just going to be given player housing. You see, with a war at hand, resources are short and you'll have to earn your right to own a home so conveniently close to your home city. Your faction leader will send you on a long chain list which includes resource gathering, killing raid bosses and so forth. Then you must pay taxes to keep your home afloat or it will disappear (I'm guessing the Dwarves/Goblins will repo it).

    That's just a few of the things I would implement/change in the next expansion and the game in general.

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    I'm glad you don't have your way.

    If you like grinds, there is a smattering of Korean RPGs you can play instead.
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    I don't like these ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    Do you even play wow.

    I ask because over half of what you said you would bring back as been prove to hurt wow since the start of cata up to now.

    as for player housing it is a neat idea and many mmo's have done it but unless you got a group who just wants to bs in a house its wasted dev time to fix the game and release new content.

    to prove my point.

    Cata added harder heroic's and those became a mind fuck "for pugs at lease".

    MOP made JP/VP dam near useless and that pissed off a lot of players because limited the ways of getting gear.

    If LFR went up to normal mode it would hurt guilds that only progress in normal mode. "Why join a guild and do it when u can do it solo"

    This is not 2008 the whole grind fest no longer works. Some things work as a grind some no longer do welcome to mmo's in 2013.

    Its no longer about showing off gear its about progressing in raids and just enjoying yourself. If you want to show something off get a heroic kill before a nerf or something and do that.

    If you wish to have that grind feel free to play other mmo's that do it.
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    I'd love to see this. Subscription levels would drop to only those without RL and personal hygiene, and no mainstream gaming company would be dumb enough to ever try something similar again.

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    These are all awful ideas. Why would you force every single player to raid in order to even be able to fly? Not everyone wants to raid...and force everyone to grind all reps to exalted to even do a single LFR? Not everyone has that kind of time. That's the point of LFR!

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    Your ideas are horrible.

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    Nobody would play your game, much less PAY for it.
    @Ghostcrawler:Some advice: [My pet issue] is why there were sub losses is one of the weaker arguments players use. Players don't have that data.

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    Elitism grindfest. Some of us have jobs you know. And this is coming from a hardcore raider from BC and Wrath. This game would empty out like the bar after last call.

    Or as Zoidberg would say: "Your ideas are bad and you should feel bad." ZOIDBERG NUMBER 1!

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    Lol, what a surprise, people see that the game would require effort and label it as terrible.

    No, subscriptions wouldn't decrease, I guarantee you they would increase actually. Even in BC, there were plenty of people raiding who had lives, I love when people use the "I have a life" excuse as a way to say they shouldn't have to put any effort forth in this game.

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    You basically want the game restored to its former glory; a time long ago when the game was built for adoring and loyal fans instead of people who have never had any interest in the game. You miss the WoW that encouraged effort, determination, teamwork and player progression as these traits made for a much grander online experience. You will never be able to convince 90% of the current player-base and users of this forum that these traits are not synonymous with 'grinding', a sad fact.

    I am you, OP. WoW is still an amazing game, but over the years as Blizzard has unarguably shifted their target audience from their loyal and long-term customers to the casual gamer, this fan has been left tasting an ever-stronger sour streak in an otherwise sweet and delicious cake.

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    Seriously man, I was in highschool when wow came out, became pretty hardcore pvp'r through BC in college and had all the time in the world. Now, almost 10 years later, I have a wife, a son, a full time job and am so happy they "dumbed down" the game because that means I can still enjoy it on my terms.

    Those of you saying wow is going away from the loyal players is total bs.

    Half of you saying that are probably still teenagers that barely started playing and only read about what wow was like.

    I AM WHO BLIZZ IS CATERING TO, The player that has been with the from the beginning, the one that is growing old and has the money to continue supporting them
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    I suppose the fact that your plan would all but kill ever single person who enjoys having max level alts doesn't bother you at all?

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    Nope, no thanks, as much as I enjoyed TBC, I had waaay more time back then to do all the crazy time consuming stuff, these days I don't so if it was anything like what you propose I wouldn't beable to progress at all in the small amounts of time I have, and would therefore end up quitting. Thank god Blizz has more sense!

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    I'm happy i played wow during the golden ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    Lol, what a surprise, people see that the game would require effort and label it as terrible.

    No, subscriptions wouldn't decrease, I guarantee you they would increase actually. Even in BC, there were plenty of people raiding who had lives, I love when people use the "I have a life" excuse as a way to say they shouldn't have to put any effort forth in this game.
    Effort? This isn't effort. That would be a nightmare for any casual player. The only people who would be able to succeed are those that can devote 8 - 10 hours a day grinding rep and completing very very long quest chains for the most basic of rewards. That's when it stops being fun and becomes a job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    Lol, what a surprise, people see that the game would require effort and label it as terrible.

    No, subscriptions wouldn't decrease, I guarantee you they would increase actually. Even in BC, there were plenty of people raiding who had lives, I love when people use the "I have a life" excuse as a way to say they shouldn't have to put any effort forth in this game.
    See my sig. That's you.

    They brought back hard heroics in Cata, and subscriptions tanked. You may have a lot of old players come back, but you'd alienate most of the current playerbase. I think you're delusional if you think subs would go up.
    If there's one thing World of Warcraft players hate more than people who don't play, it's people that do play but not as much as them.

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    Shit in one hand and wish in the other, see which one fills up first.

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    Cataclysm tried the BC-style heroics. Subscriptions dropped like a rock and Blizzard nerfed them consistently over the entire expansion.
    Flying's fine, learn to click your ground mount once in a while and stop whining.
    You have successfully managed to both completely miss the point of LFR and fail to realize you are not its target or even periphery demographic. What you have suggested would be like me, someone who does not like PvP and rarely PvPs, demanding all battlegrounds be made like Alterac Valley with optional PvP-flagging.
    Valor/Justice was put in because people got pissed off over RNG screwing them out of loot week after week.
    People will join the guilds they want to join, no matter what sort of silly bullshit you shoehorn into the system.
    Player Housing is on the 'one day' list as it stands.

    You also seem to have missed the massive fan outcry against grinds locked behind grinds as of MoP, on top of the fact that games with this amount of unnecessary, fake difficulty exist. Most of them are abject financial failures and fail to garner even 1/4 of the playerbase WoW had at its lowest point post-launch. Of the rest, most went Free-To-Play with a cash shop and only a couple have remained pay-to-play.

    Frankly, your proposals would finish what Cataclysm started: subscriptions plummet, WoW no longer remains financially-viable, and the servers get shut down with maybe the exception of 4-6, which go free-to-play with a cash shop in a last-ditch attempt to keep the game running at a profit.

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