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    Best place to buy Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger?

    Hi Folks,

    I am looking to buy Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger lootcard, and I want to hear if any one have any experiences buying this lootcard. Where is the safest place to buy it? I have been looking at wowtcgloot (dot) com and its a pretty legit site, however it is priced at 650 dollars and that is a bit over the top imo. I am willing to spend around the 500 dollar mark. Ebay offers the loot card at that price, however I am not sure I feel comfortable buying it on ebay.

    Does anyone have any experiences acquiring Reins of the Swift Spectral tiger lootcard? Perhaps any knowledge of sites that sells it safe and around the 500 dollar mark?

    If you bought it on ebay, did you receive the lootcard by mail?

    I am located in Scandinavia by the way, as I realize some sites and sellers on ebay only ships domestically within the US.
    Any experiences and suggestions are appreciated!



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    WoWTCGLoot.com is safe, I've bought alot of TCG loot codes from them never had any issues, that said I've also bought TCG loot codes from Ebay too, best bet is to check the seller out, reviews etc, get in touch with the seller beforehand and ask them specifics get it all in writing so to speak.

    But honestly, probably the cheapest and safest way is to just grind gold in game and buy one ingame, saves you alot of cash too I bought mines for 350k but have seen them sell a little cheaper or more expensive depending on server goodluck^

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    I have purchased three Spectral Tiger loot cards from various eBay sellers over the past year and I have never had a problem. I say go for it if you find one for a good price.

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    Buy it on ebay and pay with Paypal. Paypal has a safety insurance on all payments. So if a seller won't deliver the product you can get your money back through paypal.

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    You should be fine buying it on ebay if the seller is trusted - lots of feedback with no or very few negatives.

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