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    234 42.01%
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    197 35.37%
  • If the spells are cool

    126 22.62%
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    This concept looks awesome. Would love to see if the Dev's pick up and run with it.

    I would reroll as a "Holy" DK. I mean after all I would still be getting the same gear.

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    Nope, no thanks. I would like blood dps back and for them to go ahead and make frost the tank spec. That'll work just fine.
    I'd prefer my orcs to stand up straight.

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    better to have 3x dps spec than healer all pure dps is top on meters

    atm we are below everyone and we have 2 dps spec do you dream 1 dps spec.
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    Healing is for women and Nancy-boy weaklings that like to paint their nails and prance around in dainty little dresses.

    So, no, no chance in hell I would heal and in fact would probably drop the class if not the game entirely.

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    I'd be interested in it if it was tuned to be appropriate and such, but I definitely don't see it happening due to various things like lore, non-mana healing, and just the general kit of the class.
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    Worst idea in the history of ideas.

    Death Knights do not heal others.
    We take lives, not save lives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monoxyde View Post
    that is fucking awesome! really well thought out and exciting. this is something my guildies and i have discussed many times, although no where near to this degree. blizzard, give this man a damn job!
    I agree! Now that would be innovative, and I for one would be excited to play it.

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