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    Cross Realm Vendors shared?

    I've been camping an NPC for a recipe for 45+ minutes now but it still hasn't appeared. I have interact with target keybound to `, escape ready to close the window and my mouse cursor hovered over the page arrow to quickly and constantly scan the vendor for the recipe every second.

    There's another guy here from another server camping the NPC, do we both see the same vendor and the stock she has? I don't see the NPC or the other character move to show there is interaction between the two, she only moves when I spam my interaction key.
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    Which vendor are you camping?

    I remember getting the black dragon scale recipe from Plugger Spazzring in Blackrock Depths. I was sitting there for over an hour. only to notice that his shop window slots where all full. So I decided to buy those limited ale he had to open a slot and not 10 minutes after that the recipe appeared.(not sure if a second page would have appeared but yea cant harm to try right?)

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    Yes, you both will see the same vendor, and have to fight with the other person to get the recipe. CRZ makes this difficult.

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    It seems to be the case, at least when it came to me trying to buy the recipe from SoS.
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