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    Anyone else noticing reduced ecto salvage rates?

    So yeah, as the title states. Have you noticed a reduction of ectos salvages from rares?

    2 weeks back, i was getting 30-35 ectos from a weeks worth of rare drops. Now i'm lucky to get 15-20... And that's using Black lion kits.

    I know people will say random is random and all that but i beg to differ.

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    I haven't noticed any change.

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    I haven't noticed. Besides if there really was a reduction in the drop rate, ectos would be trending up in price instead of trending down.

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    ecto prices have been pretty steady at around 22 silver since the beginning of March

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    Well.. random is random. I didn't get any ecto all day then just a few moments ago I got 2 rares from tequatl and net me 6 ecto. It's simply chance, no change at all.
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