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Thread: 4th Spec Ideas

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    My ideas for tank-spec Shaman and spec abilities. I've modeled it to have an old-school Prot Paladin feel. Numbers made up on the fly, so don't take srsly, lol:

    Earthwarden: A totemic guardian blessed with the powers of earth and ice to protect him/herself and his/her allies.

    Lv1: Lightning Bolt
    Lv3: Primal Strike
    Lv5: Earth Shock
    Lv7: Healing Surge
    Lv8: Lightning Shield

    Primal Strike: Upon speccing, damage increased to 175% weapon damage + X and cooldown reduced to 4.5sec.
    Vengeance: Same as all tank specs.

    Lv10 Passive: Nature's Bulwark- Increases armor gained from shields by 75%, increases chance to block attacks by 10%, and reduces damage taken from Fire, Frost, and Nature spells by 15%. Significantly increases threat generated with attacks while a shield is equipped.

    Lv10 Passive: Mental Quickness- Same as Enhancement, but auto-attacks have a 100% chance of generating 5% base mana instead of 40%.

    Lv10 Spec Ability: Tundra Smash- Slams your weapon into the ground, emitting a wave of ice dealing 80% weapon Froststorm damage to all enemies within 10yds and slowing movement speed by 30% for 6sec. 8% base mana/Instant/8sec CD

    Lv10: Flametongue Weapon
    Lv12: Flame Shock
    Lv14: Purge

    Lv15: Nature's Fury- Increases the damage of Fire, Frost, and Nature spells by 30% and reduces your chance to be critically hit by 6%.

    Lv15: Ghost Wolf
    Lv16: Ancestral Spirit
    Lv18: Searing Totem

    Lv20: Rock Throw- Hurls a huge boulder, dealing X (alot) Nature damage and stunning the target for 1.5sec. Targets permanently immune to stuns take 20% additional damage. This spell can be cast while moving. 8% base mana/1sec cast/15sec CD/off GCD

    Lv20: Cleanse Spirit
    Lv22: Water Shield
    Lv24: Frost Shock

    Lv25: Enveloping Winds- Blocking or parrying an attack grants you Enveloping Winds, increasing your chance to dodge attacks by 4%. This effect lasts 15sec and stacks up to 5 times.

    Lv26: Frostbrand Weapon
    Lv28: Healing Stream Totem

    Lv30: Armor of Clay- Surrounds the caster with a protective casing of clay, reducing physical damage taken by 20% and reducing damage taken from damage over time effects by 30%. Lasts 12sec. 5% base mana/Instant/1min CD/off GCD

    Lv30: Water Walking
    Lv32: Totemic Recall
    Lv34: Far Sight

    Lv35: Spiritflame Totem- Drop a Spiritflame Totem at your feet for 30sec. The Spiritflame attacks enemies within 10yds engaged with the caster for X Fire damage every 0.5sec for 2sec (flamethrower-style) and healing you for 10% of the damage dealt. 2.5% base mana/Instant/no CD/replaces Searing Totem

    Lv36: Windfury Weapon
    Lv38: Astral Recall

    Lv40: Frozen Shield- Raise your Frost-enhanced shield, increasing block chance by 40% and causing attackers to take X Frost damage while active. Lasts 5sec. Melee haste effects lower the cooldown and global cooldown of Frozen Shield. 10% base mana/Instant/12sec CD

    Lv40: Reincarnation
    Lv42: Magma Totem
    Lv44: Fire Nova

    Lv45: Empowered Shocks- Your Earth Shock, Flame Shock, and Frost Shock spells also damage all nearby enemies within 5yds of your main target.

    Lv46: Chain Heal
    Lv48: Grounding Totem

    Lv50: Rockslide- Your Primal Strike critical hits refresh the cooldown of Rock Throw, make it instant cast and cost no mana.

    Lv52: Tremor Totem
    Lv54: Unleashed Rage

    Lv55: Gift of the Waves- Whenever your health falls below 35% health, the cast time and mana cost of your Healing (Wave?) is reduced by 40% and increases the amount healed by 20% when used on yourself.

    Lv56: ???
    Lv58: Earth Elemental Totem

    Lv60: Armor of Frost- Surrounds the caster in thick coat of ice, reducing spell damage taken by 50% and causes you to be immune to movement-impairing effects. Lasts 10sec. 5% base mana/Instant/90sec CD/off GCD

    Lv62: Healing Rain
    Lv64: Capacitor Totem

    Lv65: Earthen Fortitude- Reduces damage taken by 10% while casting a non-instant spell and for 5sec afterwards.

    Lv66: Spirit Dash- Instantly dash to a targeted enemy within 30yds when using Ghost Wolf. This effect has a 15sec cooldown.

    Lv68: Fire Elemental Totem
    Lv70: Bloodlust
    Lv72: Bind Elemental
    Lv74: Rockbiter Weapon

    Lv75: Arctic Winds- Consume 5 stacks of Enveloping Winds, surrounding the caster with frigid winds dealing X Froststorm damage every 1sec for 8sec and increasing dodge and parry chance by 25% for the duration. While active, you cannot gain the Enveloping Winds effect. No mana cost/Instant/30sec CD

    Lv76: Hex

    Lv78: Tundra Stalker- Your Tundra Smash deals 50% additional damage and applies the Weakened Blows effect.

    Lv80: Stormlash Totem

    Lv80 Mastery: Blessings of the Elements- Reduces physical and spell damage taken by 8%.

    Lv82: Unleash Elements
    Lv84: Spiritwalker's Grace
    Lv85: ???

    Lv87: Ascendance- While in the form of a Rock Ascendant, damage taken is reduced by 25% and your Primal Strike triggers no cooldown and strikes up to 4 nearby enemies. 5% base mana cost/Instant/3min 15sec CD/off GCD

    That's all I can think of for now. Will edit when I come up with other stuffs.

    Cont'd: My idea for the Earthwarden (EW) is that of a versatile, spellcasting tank that excels in AoE tanking, but would also be capable as a Main tank. The EW's main damage abilities are Primal Strike (4.5sec CD), Shocks (6sec CD, becomes an AoE at Lv45), Tundra Smash (8sec CD, AoE), Rock Throw (15sec CD, and its hardest-hitting spell), Spiritflame Totem (replaces Searing Totem at Lv35 and provides a little self-healing), Unleash Elements/Fury, and optionally Elemental Blast, though not recommended.

    The damage the EW takes would be smooth with the help of high armor and Frozen Shield, a low-cooldown defensive ability that should be used often, coupled with a Mastery that further reduces all damage taken, with some RNG protection via Enveloping Winds and consuming it for a more powerful effect (Arctic Winds). Ironically, EW are relatively weak against spell damage because only 1 defensive ability is available to counter them (Armor of Frost), but this is somewhat offset with Nature's Bulwark, Mastery, and its ability to self-sustain in low health situations (Gift of the Waves). In emergency situations, the EW has several powerful cooldowns: Armor of Clay for physical damage reduction, Armor of Frost for spell damage reduction, Ascendance: Rock Ascendant, and ofcourse the plethora of Earth/Water totems made available and those that can be talented for.
    Last edited by Terminal Lance; 2013-06-12 at 07:35 PM. Reason: Changed some Frost-type damage to Froststorm (Frost + Nature) dmg; added all abilities learned in-between.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminal Lance View Post
    My ideas for tank-spec Shaman and spec abilities. I've modeled it to have an old-school Prot Paladin feel. Numbers made up on the fly, so don't take srsly, lol:
    Really cool concept! Unfortunately, it has too much wind and frost based spells for an Earthwarden, imho. I know we wouldn't be able to use Earth Shield, as resto has it, but still... I think you need more primal aspects to it and such.

    Very nice indeed, keep up! - Brazillian metal with a hint of stoner/doom.

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    I have seen lots of 4th spec ideas. One thing I cannot get along with is...why are there so many suggestions about a Blood spec for Mages?

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    Thanks! Yeah, I kind of thought so too but their currently lacking in the Frost department, and its theme is defense/control anyway (e.g. Frost Shock deals a high amount of threat, slows, etc.) so what the heck I also changed alot of Frost stuff to "Froststorm" (Frost + Nature) to align him closer as an earth/rock-user.

    ---------- Post added 2013-06-12 at 05:31 PM ----------

    Haven't bothered looking but Blood-spec mages seem rather odd. The closest 4th spec would probably be a spellwarrior but that wouldn't work (melee cloth?), and Ret paladins/Death Knights fill that role nicely.

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    Death Knight - Healer (epicness)
    Druid - None, they have 4 specs already
    Hunter - Demon Hunter (Or it could be a new class entirely)
    Mage - Battlemage
    Monk - Celestial (caster dps)
    Paladin - Avenger (ret but more heals and less dps)
    Priest - ?
    Rogue - Field Medic (utility)
    Shaman - Imbuement (something to tank with)
    Warlock - Dominator (no pet, all control and reflections)
    Warrior - Archon (electricity with melee attacks (epicness))

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    Personally I'd like to see Demon Hunter added to Rogues as something a bit different for them for once but still kind of suitable. Dark Ranger...also cool but I could see that more suited to Hunters.

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    I think that we will see a 4th spec for every class (the tri-spec in one of the earlier PTR patches I think was a leak on purpose, knowing MMO-C would find it) in the next expansion. I do hope that they give every class at least 2 dungeon roles because if they will not re-institute a hybrid tax, then all classes must be hybrid. Otherwise it is unfair to the pure DPS classes.

    Here are my suggestions -

    Death Knight - Shade (Shadow Ranged DPS with ghost pet)
    Druid - Already have 4 specs (I would make a quest like the warlock green fire quest so they can flame druids though)
    Hunter - Dark Ranger (Ranged Shadow DPS, uses pet but sacrifices it for power)
    Mage - Chronomaster (Masters of time and space, uses time magic to heal and shield[similar to disc priest])
    Monk - Shadowmaster (stealth based Shadow based DPS)
    Paladin - Shockadin (Holy Ranged DPS)
    Priest - Crusader (Holy Ranged DPS)
    Rogue - Harrier (Tank speciallsing in kiting and taunts)
    Shaman - Earthwarden (Tank)
    Warlock - Demon Hunter (Glyph of Demon Hunting as full spec)
    Warrior - Knight (One Hand/Shield DPS)

    The reason why I feel that they would do this over adding a class (as much as I want a Tinker class) is that it is like adding 10 classes, but with less work.
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    Thought: If rogues got a tank spec, should tanking leather make a return?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtree View Post
    Thought: If rogues got a tank spec, should tanking leather make a return?
    Nah, Monks tank just fine without it.

    However, the existence of Monk tanks kind of takes the wind out of the sails of a Rogue tank.

    What I'd like to see for Pure DPS would be the following;

    Mage: time-based healing/support spec
    Hunters: Bards: Healing/support spec
    Warlocks: Demon Hunters: Melee DPS or tanking spec
    Rogues: Wardens: DPS Melee/ranged DPS hybrid.

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    Thing with forth specs is I think they'd need to still fit within the core class.

    Time based healing mage, this I could see. Time based magic is in the realm of the mage class, with spells like alter time, slow and time warp. So I could see this expanded upon to 'undo' wounds in a healing role and still be mages. Might be tricky to balance the healing only spells with the core mage abilities though.

    Bards: I don't know, to me bard is too much of it's own thing to fit within the hunter class. You'd have the hunter that focuses on the pets, the hunter that focuses on marksmanship, the whatever the survival hunter's forte is these days, then bard? I think it would clash too much.

    Same with demon hunters. Demon hunters are in an awkward place where other classes have or have had their core abilities from wc 3, so while making them an individual class wouldn't be impossible, it would take a lot of creativity and work. On the other hand, I think they're too distinct from warlocks to simply staple onto the warlock class as a forth spec. Now, warlocks getting a tanking spec I'm fine with, or even a demon formed melee dps spec, but I wouldn't call it demon hunter.

    Rogue: Could just be me but I don't see the value in giving a pure dps class a forth dps spec even if it is ranged to a melee class.

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    I'll throw in mine:

    Rise of the Legion: FOURTH SPEC

    With the rise of the burning legion, the great champions of Azeroth expand their expertise with new studies and training. All heroes gain eligibility for a... 4th specialization.

    Death Knight: Hellfire.
    Death Knights’ new affinity to fire has drawn some suspicion. Some mages brought forth a simple explanation that appears to be now widely accepted. During a mage’s education, learning how to control the powers of Frost requires the same basic training to that of fire, so it’s not surprising they are expanding into new disciplines. However, Death Knights claim they aren’t trying to learn anything new, but rather this ability is “burning from within”. Representatives of the Ebon Blade support these claims and say the only way they can receive new power is through the will of the Lich King, who is dead. Tirion Fordring on the subject “No comment”
    Also: Frost runes converted to hell runes. Blood plague converted to burning blood. (Not boiling, son)

    Druid: N/A
    Druids being great oracles of wisdom have already expanded their knowledge into four specializations!

    Hunter: Nightranger.
    Nightrangers are Hunter specializing in stealth and using the darkness to stalk and hunt their prey. They have a buffed Camouflage and use shadow arrows. Plus they get chilling shot which is a frost arrow and something hunters should've had since 2004.
    Also: Marksmanship doesn't need a pet anymore. Love the archery type class. Hate pets. Gimme please.

    Mage: Summoner.
    Great advancements have been made amongst the mage community. Master wizards can now summon much greater objects than food and water. Conjuration focused mages can now summon monsters and beasts as well as armor and weapons for themselves and their allies. Think Naxx spirit swords and stuff. Plus they can summon raid members now so you don't have to always bring a warlock.

    Monk: Firedancer.
    Monk spec built off the 4th August Celestial, Chi-Ji, the guardian of hope. These monks use the fire of spirit and zeal to deal ranged magical damage to their opponents. They use chants and poetry to call the flame.

    Paladin: Zeal.
    Ranged holy dps, Shockadin. Obv. Shield + 1h spell sword.

    Priest: Domination.
    Dark priest that uses shadow spells but also disperses into a mist and enters bodies of a host and takes control of them. 2 holy specs, need 2 shadow. That's just balance, man.

    Rogue: Deadeye.
    Ranged dps spec. There's gotta be more people who use bows and guns than just Hunters. I also think another spec might get an overhaul since all the rogue specs are kinda the same. Delete 'Combat' spec. Give us 'Vampirism' or 'Dreadblade' that leeches life. Lore: We gotz bit by a dread lord. Throw us WC3 Spirit of Vengeance for this spec too please.

    Shaman: Earthwarden.
    Tank spec that's pretty much there already. Uses 1h and shield + earth shields and rockbiter. Uses tectonic magic, earth and magma as well.

    Warlock: Necromancy.
    Changes summons into skeletons, aboms, skeleton mages and leeches life. Blood magic.
    Also: Demonology becomes tank spec.

    Warrior: Blademaster.
    Give this spec DW 1hs and make it based off haste. Add WC3 Windwalk short duration buff = gold.
    Also: Fury is DW 2h only, loses single-minded fury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    I'll throw in mine:

    Umm.. no on the name for the hunter class... Nightranger? The 80s called...

    Besides, Dark Ranger's are already NPCs in the game.

    I do like your monk idea. It is better and more logical than mine was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    I'll throw in mine:
    I like most of what you have there, but you really lose me at 'give us vampirism' part. We already have two 'cursed' races in the undead and worgen, and have a 'cursed' class in the dk. If blizz would add another it'd be a bit excessive and honestly it would need to be an entire class or an entire race not just one spec of a class for consistency. That said a range spec for rogues I could get behind so long as it feels like a rogue and not just a hunter with no pet.

    I'm against a warlock necromancer spec. Warlocks and necromancers are two different 'classes' and much of the necromancer shtick is already taken by the death knight I'd rather see their forth spec be something like demon form tanking rather than stapling another class onto them as a forth spec.

    Not sure if blademaster would really work as a forth spec, though coming up with another warrior spec may be tough. But like the demon hunter, most of their abilities are given out. Bladestorm is a talent, mirror image is a mage spell, critical strike is something all classes have, leaving just wind walk. I think they'd need to do something else for a warrior forth spec.

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    If fourth specs were to be added, this is how I would do it:

    Death Knight: Death Tank / Blood Healer
    Blood Magic has been a strong part of the DK toolkit since forever; but with new advancements from the San'lyn and refined by studying the works of Lei'Shen, the Thunder King, the Death Knights have learned to use the Carnage they create to further strengthen and revitalize themselves and even their allies. This has caused something a split in the previously stalwart Blood Death Knights, as some choose to use this knowledge to further strengthen themselves, and some choose the path of the Blood Priest support role. Regardless, both philosophies continue to be effective and vital parts of any army.

    Blood was shoe-horned as the tanking tree simply because it was the most effective and popular tank at the time Blizz made the change to a more practical one-spec-one-role set up. The Truth is, Blood DKs make far more use of Death Runes and Death Strike then Their Spec specific Heart Strike, so why not split the tree in two along lore lines, and more fully flesh out the manipulations of blood magic to heal allies. Heart Strike can be used as a DPS-to-Heal, mechanic similar to Mistweaver Monks. Runic Power can switch to Mana, and the current set up of spending Runic Power to Speed up Rune Generation allows for an easy throttle on Mana spending to put it in line with other healer mechanics.

    Druid: ... Already have 4 specs.

    Hunter: Alchemist Healer
    In their roles as scouts, rangers, and defenders of the wild, hunters have often used natural remedies when access to more traditional Healing is out of reach. Until recently, however, these medicines have always proven a lackluster substitute to the powers of the light or that of nature's spirits. Recent discoveries from certain groups, including but not limited to: The Royal Alchemists, the Gnomeregan Reclaimers, and Panderan Mistweavers; have allowed these traditional remedies to be refined to the point of being able to compete with other methods of healing.

    Remember the Goblin Alchemist Merc Hero from W3? Yeah, won't that be fun.

    Mage: Abjuration Healer
    The Titan complex of Ulduar was opened up to Mortal explorers after Dalaran led the charge to see the old god Yogg-Saron defeated. In studying the ancient works of the Titans and their constructs, many secrets on the structures of magic and the world were laid bare. The Mages of Dalaran had been studying and perfecting the means of reordering and rebuilding the world, broken by the Cataclysm, when the Sunreaver Schism brought Dalaran out of Neutrality. Now the Sunreavers and the Mages of Dalaran have disseminated their discoveries, allowing Mages of both the Alliance and the Horde to Reconstitute that which has been broken, and even bend time to make the most grievous of injuries never happen.

    Bubbles, Time Travel, Re-configuring Reality to suit their needs... we can even throw in a Golem pet for flavor (with Glyph to make it Race specific).

    Monk: Blademaster DPS
    The Students of the Crane usually prefer the peace of their studies to the chaos of War, but sometimes Peace needs to be created. These Monks are masters of Weaponry and Illusions, and they use both with startling efficiency to take down any opponent that would disturb the peace and tranquility of their home.

    Combine the old Blademaster Hero from W3 with the Sword wielding Acolytes of the Crane. I think this would be a much better fit for those who want to play a Blademaster then the Warrior class, personally. Plus, you give Monks the option of actually using their Weapons.

    Paladin: Wrath DPS
    A Holy damage Caster spec. 'Nuff said.

    Priest: Wrath DPS
    A Holy damage Caster spec. 'Nuff said.

    Rogue: Bodyguard Tank
    While Murder and Assassination is an important part of any rogues toolkit, not being murdered in return can be even more important. A rogues defensive toolkit usually involves not allowing your opponent to attack you in the first place, but a few rogues take that to a more practical extreme of simply not letting their opponent do anything at all. Debilitating poisons, Disarming attacks, Harsh language, and a few other tricks of the trade allow these rogues to simply keep an opponent too distracted to do any real harm.

    With Evasion tanking taken by the Monks, I think the next best option for Rogue tanking would be a Tank that focused on not allowing the target to do damage in the first place. The only tricky part, to my mind, would be arranging the abilities such that they only worked when the target was actually attacking the rogue (otherwise a Rogue offtank could trivialize damage done to a Main Tank who could also use his own defensive abilities), but I think that would ultimately be doable.

    Shaman: Warden Tank
    These Stalwart Guardians utilize the elements of Earth and the powers of the Earth Aspect, as utilized and taught by Thrall, to become formidable obstacles to any opponent.

    Earth is largely underutilized by Shamans. Elementals focus on Fire and Lightning, Enhancements work Air and Spirit, Restoration focuses largely on Water (with a single Earth spell to my knowledge); I think there is room for a Earth Focused Shaman, and I think the only practical role for such a beast would be a tank.

    Warlock: Apotheosis Tank
    The ability for Warlocks to transform into Demons has slowly been developed and refined over the course of years, since the ability was first learned by studying Illidan's own transformation. While this form generally has granted little to no offensive capability, a warlocks own knowledge often being superior to that granted by Demonic form, unless fueled by power best left untouched; It's defensive capability has always been far superior to the caster's own frail form. To this purpose, the spell has been refined again and again, until it is now finally capable of standing toe to toe with some of Azeroth's most deadly and dangerous foes.

    The Glyph of Demon Hunting turned into a viable tanking spec. There really isn't much to do here: Add in some form of Avoidance, Crit Immunity, Proper Scaling, Replace Hand of Gul'dan with Carrion Swarm rotationally, add in a dps Fury dump, and modify Drain Life to be a second Active Mitagation component along with Fury Ward. The biggest changes I would make would actually be to remove Metamorphosis from the Demonology spec and replace it with the ability to spend your secondary resource (which I would also rename) on an additional demon summon, either the existing Doomguard/Infernal or something new. This would completely separate the Conjuration and the Transmutation elements of the spec.

    Warrior: Gladiator Tank
    While some Warriors Hide behind their Shields, these fighters take a bit more Proactive approach to mitigating damage, choosing to make their opponent weaker with tricks worthy of the pits of Orgrimmar rather then allowing them to strike in the first place. Naturally this allows them to keep their off-hands free for additional weaponry.

    Priests are the original exemplar healing class and have two healing specs, so Warriors as the original and exemplar Tank class could naturally have two Tank specs. The Gladiator follows the same form as the Bodyguard rogue, and has many of the same balancing issues, but if those are solved, I believe this to be a viable form of tanking.

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    Seems like it'd be kinda hard for warriors to have a 4th spec. The current 3 specs cover most of the "warrior-like" stuff that I'd expect. I can't really think of anything that the 3 specs we already have wouldn't cover.

    I guess you could maybe make some kind of a ranged spec work. It's not unheard of in some fantasy settings for warriors to dabble in magic a bit or occasionally use ranged weapons like bows, but it's pretty rare. That'd kind of be pushing it in WoW, because you're pretty much just turning the warrior into a petless hunter or "battle mage" at that point. Seems like the other way around is more common - ie, you have a character who is primarily a caster but can use melee weapons like swords somewhat effectively when necessary.

    A "Brawler" DPS spec where you fight bare handed or with fist weapons/various other objects you can pick up would be cool, but you could almost just add that to Fury and call it a day instead of making an entire new spec out of it.
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    Warrior is probably the hardest to pull off but the gladiator tank idea sounds intriguing.

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    Where could we fit in a Bard 4th spec?

    Monk, rogue?

    @Orloth liking the time-mage healer idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    Where could we fit in a Bard 4th spec?

    Monk, rogue?

    @Orloth liking the time-mage healer idea
    I don't think a bard is something that should be shoehorned into an existing class. It should either be left out, be its own class, or worked in as part of a new class like how brewmaster fits into the monk class, rather than being stapled onto another class for the sake of having it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    I'll throw in mine:
    Seen it before, definetely the one concept I'd go with. Beautiful. I'd literally make one of each class just to test all this new 4th specs. Earthwarden is something I've tried in my shaman for years!

    And the Chi-Ji spec problem was incredibly solved, congrats! You managed to put the "Fire of Hope" aspect into the Chi-Ji monks (scribes, poets), really cool!

    Anyway, this is by far the one that I like the most, great job! - Brazillian metal with a hint of stoner/doom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    I don't think a bard is something that should be shoehorned into an existing class. It should either be left out, be its own class, or worked in as part of a new class like how brewmaster fits into the monk class, rather than being stapled onto another class for the sake of having it.
    Yeah, agreed. No idea how to properly get a Bard into WoW without starting a new class completely - which I'm not sure if Blizzard would do. Then again, by the Bard april fool's prank you know it's at least on their minds. (We all know what happened to their other prank *cough* pandas *cough*) There may be hope.

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