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    7th Sha

    I know it's the Sha of Pride but earlier I was hoping it would be Suffering.

    Considering Blizzard likes to cheese off other franchises: Sha of Fear, and of Anger, Sha of Hatred..........Sha of Suffering.

    10 Points for the reference.

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    I have yet to find anything the Sha are realling comparable to. I find they're actually original villains, and they're fucking awesome to boot.

    OT: FMA.
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    Mike Morhaine's definitely been using his body to sell copies of WoW.
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    Fullmetal Alchemist!
    Time is on our side
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    It's Star Wars. Come on guys...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xorn View Post
    It's Star Wars. Come on guys...
    Today's generation saddens me.

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    "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."
    Patch 6.0 will not known for the invasion of the iron horde, but rather the unrelenting brutal slaughter of countless frogs.

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    Star Wars.

    FMA had the seven deadly sins. Only one Sha, the one we have yet to defeat, shares a name with any of the seven sins.

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    I still hope that sha of fabulous sexual desires will make great comeback, and make SOO best raid ever. Just think of possibilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeNicotine View Post
    Today's generation saddens me.


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    I was hoping it was the Shah of Iran!

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    To be fair, the quote is from one of the bad star wars movies. So I can forgive people for not recognizing it.

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    Sha of Beer Goggles.

    If you fall victim to it you wake up in bed next to the faction leader you least want to have ever had sex with.

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    Yeah the inability of today's generation to rattle off pointless movie trivia is really depressing

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