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    First things first.
    you should know that what one set of key binds for one person might work brilliantly for them, for you it may feel completely wrong.
    also going from being a clicker to a key binder is a process best learned over time, or you will not only confuse yourself you will get angry and fall back to just clicking.

    Right now that is out the way.

    Start off by binding the spell you use the most to be in the most comfortable place for you, For me being dest lock incinerate is bound to 2.
    Get used to how it feels, might take 2 mins, might take 2 hours. best thing to do is go hit a dummy for a bit whilst jumping around and switching targets, this is not about getting your DPS up, its about getting use to the bind and muscle memory.

    once your completely happy with knowing where your most used spell is and you can get to it whilst moving without looking at the keybord then it's time for the next most used spell, Bind it, rinse & repeat the above until you are totally happy where it is, and you can activate it without looking at the keyboard.

    There is no quick and easy way to learning to key bind all your spells, anyone who says there is, is lying to you. Sure the more you do it the faster you will get at setting up and remembering spells per key-bind, but at the start, when your just learning it is a time consuming (but very rewarding) process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by halax View Post
    You should use shift-key combinations, ctrl-key combinations and mouse buttons, and q and e for strafing
    I'll agree with MOST of that, but wtf do you need keyboard turning keybound to a and d for if you have a mouse to turn? Strafe on a and d, and really, backpedelling is for bads, so feel free to rebind that s key to an ability.

    Doesn't matter anyhow, unless you use a mouse with 12 buttons at your thumb, you are grass and everyone else is the mower. I will NEVER go back to a standard mouse EVER. never. EVER.
    Check it OP: thumb=12 buttons for keybinds, press shift, and that's 12 more on the thumb, control and alt and thumb has another 24 there, that's 48 keybinds just using shift, control, and alt, with my THUMB. add in e and r, and shift e and shift r, q shift q, s, shift s, t, and you have what? how many? and it's all really, really easy to reach WHILE I use w a and d to move, AND I can still use my mouse to turn, look up and down, move, and click anything special I deem click worthy (which ain't a lot, since I can easily find room for a keybind.)

    I know it's tough going at first OP, but stick with it, the results are unquestionably much better.
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    Ive got the logitec G15 gaming keyboard with the 18 macro keys that also has M1-M2-M3 so thats a total of 56 spots I can use for keybinds if I ever get around to that many. Also having a Gaming mouse like mine with 16 buttons adds a whole new addition to things. If you want to keybind you will try and work on it until you get better.. if you stick to it you will get it. Work in small increments.. dont do it all at once, or you will set your self up for fail.

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    Best advice: Roll a baby alt and build it up one step at a time.

    You can either roll a new warlock or pick another class but never never never click anything on the new toon. You can keep your current main however you like while you make the switch. You get your spells one at a time and can add them to a place that seems logical and move them around as you get more until you find a keybinding scheme that works for you. I find that a big opener I don't use very often goes on T. A dot that I put up occasionally is R. All my interrupts are E and other control abilities like Purge or Tranq Shot are on Shift+E. My main spammable thing is F. Once you sort of get a plan together you can adapt that to other classes and specs and only have to make minor adjustments.

    As others have said bind W, A, S, D for forward, left strafe, back, right strafe. Get used to moving around with your mouse only but use a combination of both once you're better adjusted.

    I mostly play healers so have all my healing stuff on my Logitech G700 with Shift and Alt modifiers and all my dps abilities bound to my keyboard so I can effectively switch back and forth from healing to dps/tanking and don't get too out of sorts.

    You'll get it, it just takes practice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
    I'll agree with MOST of that, but wtf do you need keyboard turning keybound to a and d for if you have a mouse to turn? Strafe on a and d, and really, backpedelling is for bads, so feel free to rebind that s key to an ability.
    Not all classes need it, but it makes it really convenient to have complete directional control moving away from one thing while firing at it + ground targeting somewhere completely different.

    Backpedaling is for bads? If you're moving a very small distance, it's far more efficient than stopping your rotation to make the change. You're welcome.
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    Wow do I keybind different then everyone in this thread. I used r f z x c v b g t 1 2 3 4, shift f shift v shift c shift x shift z shift 1 shift 2 shift 3. And control some depending on the toon. I use both wasd and both mouse buttons to move about. This gives you much more movement choices. People who say back peddling is for noobs are idiots. If you have to move a TINY amout back peddle its alot better then turning around and then turning back around. If its any distance don't back peddle but for a tiny amout its fine. I raided with these keybindings and movement controls for 7 years and besides the general fuck ups EVERY raider has on progression bosses which I never fucked up more then once they worked fine.

    Ps. I have a naga and never bother to redo my keybindings lol
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    I'd make a spreadsheet and write the keyboard out on it, write down which keys are easy for you to hit, medium, hard to hit, and ones you never wana hit. If you can figure this out better it really helps.

    I really like
    w - strafe left
    e - forward
    r - strafe right

    feels much roomier, but can't really alt-modify well, personally

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    I feel like I'm the only person on earth who uses the numeric keypad instead of WASD. I never liked how the WASD keys aren't properly aligned.

    Though my setup works a lot better for FPS rather than WoW. I've been meaning to get a Belkin N52/Razer Nostromo actually.

    Quote Originally Posted by kirit0 View Post
    more or less get a Razer Naga
    I have one and personally I wouldn't recommend it, those buttons are so damn tiny (not to mention the chassis). I got a Deathadder as well and I like it a lot more. Just wish it had maybe two more buttons... ah for a happy medium :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gliggles View Post
    Thanks for the tips!
    What about strafing tho? How do you use the right strafe key( I assume most people use the index finger for this) while for example using the e key? Or do you just not bind to it?

    Sorry if these are silly questions.
    Why are you using R for right strafe instead of D? With D bound to strafe right, you can hold D with your index finger and tap any ability key with your middle finger.

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    I don't understand why people use 1-4 for their main spells, hard to move and use those, if you don't have razer naga. I find E F R T G much easier to use while moving. Though I user naga so some main spells I have binded to 1-4 And of course I have all other buttons on the naga binded to somethibg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vattenmelon View Post
    I don't understand why people use 1-4 for their main spells, hard to move and use those, if you don't have razer naga. I find E F R T G much easier to use while moving. Though I user naga so some main spells I have binded to 1-4 And of course I have all other buttons on the naga binded to somethibg.
    For me it is because of Call of duty. All the stuff you do in that game is done by WASD 1234 QECF CRTL SHIFT and SPACEBAR.

    OT: My advise would be to play a FPS game. All those keys I described above are used in FPS games and you'll get used to it pretty quickly I'd say.

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    ive bound q e r t x z \ v g f, everything else i click then again i play holy so its just rotation, heals and cds.

    q and e you don't need as strafe because simply holding right click and pressing a and d does the exact same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olianda View Post
    I use the standard UI, I set up 1-6, and the bar above as shift + 1-6. I do still click my cooldowns and rarely used spells, but between WASD, Shift, and 1-6 I'm pretty much covered.
    I do similar. Though I don't use Shift for the upper level, I do click on rarely used spells and CDs. I have my UI modded and have all of my hotbars stacked up on the bottom of the screen; all the spells are laid out in a specific way, like buffs in one area, CDs in another, etc. I use 1-6 and WASD hotkeys, sometimes macros in those slots. Anything else gets clicked. Thankfully, not many classes require more than 6 keys in a normal rotation lol. Or, at least not when putzing around in 5-mans, which is all I do.

    At one point, I had a WoW mouse and macro'd the shit out of it. But for some reason the left mouse button stopped functioning, so I've stopped using it.

    Anyway. Melodramocracy has it right. Knock it down to the basics, something you're comfortable with. Then just slowly start adding more and more, one at a time, until you get comfortable enough to add another, and eventually you'll have all of them down.
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    When I was trying to learn to keybind someone gave me a tip to level an alt because you start out with very few spells and you can ease into it. Worked great for me.

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    my keybinds. its 1-6 and everything else. A and D are strafe and S isn't backpeddle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    I feel like I'm the only person on earth who uses the numeric keypad instead of WASD. I never liked how the WASD keys aren't properly aligned.
    You aren't. The mis-alignment bothers me as well.

    1-6 movement, 0 jump, /, *, -, + main attacks (also MW up/down press, and 2 side mouse buttons). Ins / home / Page up / del / end / page down for defensives, arrow keys for 2 more attacks + enemy and friend targeting, and the rest of the keyboard for various utility spells that I've just gotten very used to.

    I set all my toons up this way. Probably not the most efficient thing out there, but I don't even have to think about any of it while I'm playing, which is nice.
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    I should really get rid of my useless keyboard turning keys, I only use them occasionally out of combat. I could fit like 6 new spells in there via ctrl and shift mods...

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    About the strafing. Right Mouse Button (RMB) + D to strafe right, those two does the same as E does alone. That way you can bind E to an ability. Both mouse buttons + D to strafe right while moving forward. There's a seemingly good guide for keybinding and learning how to use them in the Contest forums of this site. It's from 2010, but I don't think keybinding has changed much so the suggestions there should be of help

    To be honest, I've been using keybinds since my first year of WoW, which would be 7 or so years ago, and I just began binding E and Q last year. I always strafed with those before. I probably could've done it years ago, but using E and Q felt really natural, but I wanted some new binds and had to adapt. If you're very new to binding you should get used to moving with your mouse and pressing 1-5 + other basic binds before rebinding movement keys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyonis View Post
    Slightly off-topic: I sometimes wonder how you play as a clicker. I've tried to click spells a few times, but I end up walking into walls, because I'm not able to steer with the mouse and click spells at the same time. I get you're supposed to use the ASDW movement, but I fail at that. I do click my dps cooldowns. But that's because dps cooldowns are never for "oh crap" situations, and should only be used when I'm standing still and dpsing the boss.
    i was a clicker but i never used the keyboard to turn, some how i managed to turn with my mouse and i was still able to click my spells
    te reason for it is i played mostly FPS games before WOW. now i use the naga + a mix of key binds
    1-9, shift + 1-9 (on my mouse) q,e,r,t,f,g,v and shift as a modifier and i stilll click some CD's

    what most clickers struggle with is how to incorporate spell casting with movement because most clickers use the keyboard to turn

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