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    KGpanels show / hide functions

    Hey there. I tried searching, but didn't find exactly the features I were looking for. Since I have no clue at all how to use coding / these functions, I wouldn't be able to figure it out on my own ^^.

    What I want, is to have a panel show / hide based on what spec I am in. This is because the panel is filled by an addon only working for one spec, and will be useless for other specs.

    Now, what would I enter to have a panel show if I am in destruction spec, and hide if I am not?
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    It would be useful to know which addon it is, maybe it can be fixed by simply parenting it to the addon frame

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    Also in the same vein, is it possible to have a Kgpanel show/hide the micromenu onclick? I'm having trouble getting it to work with Bartender, and wasn't sure if it were a controlled function or not.

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    I guess something like this could work:

    local id = GetSpecialization()
    if id == nil then
    elseif id == 1 then
    elseif id == 2 then
    elseif id == 3 then
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