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    Never winter and world of tank

    as the name says I think MMO-C should add a WoT and NW main thread in the forums.

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    I hope you don't mean subforum like LoL or Diablo 3...
    The neverwinter thread is only 30 pages long and I can't even find the world of tanks thread.

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    Neverwinter? Why?
    World of Tanks? Why?

    FFXIV has more of a chance, and that's (hopefully) not happening either. (Yes I am a huge FFXIVARR fan, yet I don't want an FFXIV forum here, to much kids raging against something without a clue)

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    Why don't you start a World of Tanks thread?
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    There is a World of Tanks thread, it's just buried in the pages because no one posts there anymore.

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    I think it's more likely that they'll add a ME3 subforum, or any other 100+ page megathread game subforum.
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    They should add a neverwinter right away.

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    Might help to see if Neverwinter doesn't burn out after a couple months after it goes live.

    I have no idea why anyone thinks World of Tanks deserves a subforum.

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