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    Which should I level first? I know BS is easier to level, but since engineering is harder..wouldn't it be smarter to level engineering first with mining. Then switch mining to bs?

    I probably have stated what I could do/what I should do. But I want to be sure..ya know?

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    I would level Engineering first and get that knocked out of the way before the patch, since BS is a lot easier to level now (if going the route of Ghost Iron). With that being said, changes to mining and herbing in 5.3, might cause increased prices in low level materials. So farm all the materials now, knocking out BS afterward.

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    You could as well pick up mining, look up how much you need to level both professions, stock up on all the materials, drop mining and level both with the materials you gathered.
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    what are they doing with mining? im feeling out of the loop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Casual View Post
    what are they doing with mining? im feeling out of the loop
    [quote=Patch Notes-Herbalists of low skill can now pick herbs in Pandaria for a small amount of usable material. The yield an herbalist will be able to harvest from each node is determined by skill level.
    Miners of low skill can now mine mineral deposits in Pandaria for a small amount of usable material. The yield a miner will be able to harvest from each node is determined by skill level[/quote]

    I too am going BS and Engineering, decided to go engineering first, purely because its a very fun proffession, and then planned to farm all the mats for BSing and do it in one hit (no idea what I'll do come the next expansion though - as its a new toon on a new server and its one dead server so I doubt I'll be able to level proffs off the AH... >_<)

    Not sure if I'll go the old school BS leveling route, or the new Ghost Iron one, I've not seen a guide that compared required mats, not sure which would be easier to farm for tbh

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    I levelled up BS and Mining - farmed enough mats to level up Eng too. You may need a gbank or at least an alt with full bank open to store all the mats tho. Make sure you pick up when you start mining Ghost Iron Ore. You do not need to equip them to have their affect so you can always resell them and make some money back (or if you're lucky, profit!)

    It would have been very easy to level up BS via the Ghost Iron Bar way before they nerfed the spawn rate of ore and herbs in Pandaria. What might be easier now (if you have the gold) is to buy ore from the AH and smelt it and then use it to level up your BS. It depends really on how cheap the ore is vs. the bars on your AH. On mine it is much cheaper to buy ore than bars.

    Finally, leveling BS the old fashioned way might make you some money - farming saronite will get you some titanium ore while you are out there. This can either be sold as is, made into bars or (as you should get some Eternals) make into Titansteel bars to sell on the AH. Titansteel bars can get some decent money and even if you only can make 4-5 that's still a nice profit. Or farm Saronite ore, make into bars and get a friendly Alch to transmute them into titanium bars and then into Titansteel, get the Chopper schematics and make a chopper or two and make more money!

    A few options there depending on how much time you have to farm stuff! Hope it helps :-)

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    Leveling BS through the Ghost Iron ore method costs much more materials. I'm pretty sure that you'll be faster just mining the old world mats and do it the "normal" way IF you have a miner available. Only part where it might be useful is when you hit the Fel IRon bar part, cause mining Fel Iron ore is a pain.

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    yeh I added it all up (unfortunately I took the bit of paper home and I'm at work now >_<) but you/I would need roughly double the quantity of ore to level BSing with ghost iron instead of the old mats - as I'm going to have to farm all the mats because the server this toon in question is on is dead to the world and the AH is empty =/

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