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    Quote Originally Posted by madrox View Post
    Hey, I have an idea; instead of complaints about LFR being consolidated into one thread and have a discussion over it's pros and cons let's have everyone with a complaint start their own thread because we are all special snowflakes who must have their opinions separated from the riff raffs.
    This is a MMO site about WoW right? I don't need panda scrubs to tell me that I can't make a new thread about a topic I feel needs to be addressed

    Funny as soon as I address LFR being bad all the bads come to defend it for their lives

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenreaverz View Post
    I have the same exact schedule as you, I work 5 days a week and if I'm not at work I'm in class. I could run normals easy and it doesn't take much time at all. No excuse.
    Indeed..then why piss on LFR? Just ignore it..done. I am sure your guildies are as awesome as you, so why the need to tell 8.999.925 other people who you will never meet how to play and what to enjoy?
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    One cause is a cognitive bias called projection bias. Essentially living inside your own head your entire life makes it exceedingly difficult to understand how others do not also live your same life, think your same thoughts, and hold your same beliefs. In many cases it's quite frustrating to try to empathize and understand why you yourself may not be the center of the universe, which generally results in one 'acting out' in various ways.
    So, in short: the internet.

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    This didn't go very well and isn't a particularly constructive thread.


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