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    You said:

    "You mean sitting in trade for 30-minutes to a couple hours just to get a decent group together?"

    If you had friends who played at the same time as you then this wasn't a problem. At all. Many players were just too lazy to make tanks or healers back then. I remember the start of TBC when Heroics were unpuggable. It was awesome. I even remember Heroic Skyriss before they nerfed him. There was no room for bad players. You either made friends or didn't see the game. You either learned to play or didn't progress.

    That's gone. Cata tried to bring that back at the start but people just want to faceroll to gear -- gear that they'd replace in a few months.

    I'd rather make friends and adapt to something hard than play with four silent players who have trouble pressing two buttons in a 10 minute interactive movie.

    But that's what you prefer right?
    i still say that it wasnt the fact that heroics were hard at the start of Cata that was the problem. at least not for me. it was two things; first of all the healer issue, where healers were forced to have to relearn their role (it was change or be oom in 10 seconds) but tanks and dps werent forced to relearn. they could carry on and simply blame the healer for everything.

    second problem was needing to do heroics as a daily. i dont mind raiding 2 or 3 nights a week, but to start with heroics were so hard to pug that it felt like i was trying to raid seven nights a week. that was just too much. and trying to organise guild runs every night would have been just as hard work, in what was a casual guild.
    When challenging a Kzin, a simple scream of rage is sufficient. You scream and you leap.

    Over the last 10 years, Blizzard has taken over $10bn from MMO players. Take a look around your you see $10bn worth of content available to you? Do you see even a tiny fraction of that in relevant content? Now ask me again why I dislike what Blizzard has done to the MMO industry.

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    running an heroic dungeon for 15 or 30 minutes is like watching a high budget movie at a theater of about 15 or 30 minutes lengh.
    I don't know about you, but i like my movie on 2 hour lengh, and my dungeon too.
    Me too man but those days are gone. People only have time for 30 minute raids now! Dungeons have to be 15 minutes TOPS!

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    ...only you seem to forget how much SWoTORs numbers plummeted in that time. The game that was supposed to singlehandedly finally trash and kill WoW...and then there was this other little game Rift that apparently went from 600 000 to 250 000 subs (source Now I call that a pretty drop.
    ...only you say things that have nothing to do with anything I actually wrote, then act like it's some brilliant refutation of something.

    I don't think it's exactly controversial that Cata hurt WoW by being garbage more than any other game could ever dream of hurting WoW. I'm not sure what irrelevant playerbase stats from other games has to do with anything other than maybe an excuse to inflate post count? Who knows.

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    Started good got worse fast Rag was amazing then shit hit the fan and it ended in tears.

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    They shafted Gilneas pretty badly. Lore-wise it was a horrible expac.

    I enjoyed most of it for content. Wasn't happy with ret near the first raiding tier of it though.

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    The biggest issue with Cata was the flow. You had to travel clear across the map just to get to the next zone (if you didn't have the portal).

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