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    Unupgraded relic of xuen vs. LFR rune of re-origination for mutilate spec?

    Which is better? I've heard Xuen is better until normal ToT but the rune has all that agility and a proc that gives a shitton of mastery which is also great for us. Which is generally better?

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    I cannot really say but I think you should check http://shadowcraft.mmo-mumble.com/

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    See the 5.2 trinket dicussion sticky, and Shadowcraft, or Simulationcraft, by your choice. The short version: RoRO SUCKS for assassination; don't use it unless you've got a silly ilevel disparity in options.

    Mastery being "great" for us is an overstatement. See the 5.2 Trinket Discussion thread or Assassination: The Nitty Gritty (near the end) for an explanation of why.

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    While I usually agree with checking shadowcraft to know anything about gear upgrades, due to the massive impact a RoRO proc has over the course of a few seconds, I'd suggest running simulations for that trinket instead. Removing all your secondary stats to boost a third one hardly seems like something which can be easily implemented in a spreadsheet working with averages.
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    Use Xuen. RoR is terrible for Rogues, and especially bad for Assassination.

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    RoRO is not a good trinket for us - basically while mastery is the best stat for assassination, in reality the difference between mastery and haste is really little. This, coupled wih the fact that stat stacking is counter productive for us (the more mastery you stack, the better haste becomes) makes RoRO a bad trinket.

    FYI, the only class i'm seeing getting a use of it are DPS monks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldkil View Post
    FYI, the only class i'm seeing getting a use of it are DPS monks.
    Ferals get an absurd bonus from it from lining up all of their bonuses for bleeds (on the order of +10-15% DPS used appropriately), but yeah, no one but WW/Feral get gargantuan bonuses from it.

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    That said, the proc still increases your dps for the duration (not saying more than say the relic one). Note also that relic of xuen procs on crit and has a pretty long icd considering (it ends up at what, 20% uptime? something like that), and the RoRO does have a hefty chunk of agility.

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